Staffing SBU

Sustainability at the Staffing SBU

Our activities to help promote a sustainable society

The Staffing SBU plays an integral role in the SDGs Domino Effect. By working to create optimal matching between candidates and clients, which directly leads to "SDG 10. Reduced Inequalities," we are also contributing to the achievement of "SDG 5. Gender Equality." This is particularly the case in countries and regions where female participation in the labor market is low. Through this, we can also contribute to "SDG 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth."

Additionally, we firmly believe that it is important to protect the human rights of all stakeholders, including temporary agency workers as well as our management and employees, and ensure diversity and inclusion while operating our services. On this point, we adhere to the United Nations Guiding Principles for Businesses and Human Rights", and continue to raise the standards of our services, including our Staffing business.

Advantage resourcing & Staffmark - career support

Supporting the Careers of Military Service Members and Veterans.
Provide career assistance such as resume writing and partnering with external organizations.

Supporting Refugees.
In addition to technology and housing assistance, we helped over 300 refugees from Myanmar, providing training and assistance with finding jobs for those who met certain criteria in the US.

Refugee support activities in Myanmar

Refugee support activities in Myanmar

Chandler Macleod - contributing to client companies' diversity

Chandler Macleod is dedicated to contributing to client companies' diversity. For one of their clients, a solar farm company, Chandler Macleod partnered with six local community groups to provide training programs for a diverse range of workers, helping to successfully match multiple candidates including those from indigenous populations, mature workers, long-term unemployed, and female workers.

Recruiting for a solar energy project in Australia

Recruiting for a solar energy project in Australia

USG People Germany - renewable energy

In Germany, while approximately 30% of power is generated from renewables, at USG People Germany, 100% of energy consumed is sourced from renewables, translating to an annual saving of 232 tonnes of CO2.

Recruit Staffing - supporting students from overseas

In recent years, the number of undergraduate and postgraduate foreign students has been increasing, but it has not always been easy for them to find suitable jobs after graduating school. To help support them in their careers, Recruit Staffing created a service that provides foreign students with opportunities to work and develop professional skills while still in school. Since the service was launched in 2015, approximately 500 foreign students have been employed by approximately 120 companies across Japan.

Advantage Resourcing - education on human rights

Advantage Resourcing organized a number of free seminars and events for clients to address key employment human rights issues such as the Modern Slavery Act, as well as regular employment law seminars.