Our culture

Since our establishment, the one question we've kept asking ourselves is “Why are you here?”. This has helped us create a unique culture, explained by some of our employees in the following video.

What is Recruit​‌'s culture?

We are Entrepreneurs United

Our people have an entrepreneurial spirit and are united by common goals: To contribute to society and to build new, sustainable businesses.

We have a Powerful Sense of Ownership

Our people have a sense of ownership and find deep meaning in their work. They are committed to succeeding and promoting mutual accountability by giving and receiving feedback in a horizontal style of communication.

We are Empowered Individuals, Strong Teams

In our organization, we trust people and expect them to take the initiative. Our teams bring out the best in their individual members and enable them to achieve both personal and team goals.

At the center of all this is the question,
Why are you here?