Value creation mechanism

Recruit Group provides new value to society through stories of value creation, beginning with its management philosophy through corporate governance. Its corporate culture makes its value creation story continuous and consistent, fostering human capital in a way that cannot be easily imitated by rivals.

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Point 1: Recruit Group's Aim is to Realize its Management Philosophy

Recruit Group's management philosophy is to respond to the needs of society by creating new value, thereby contributing to a brighter and more fulfilling world in which all individuals can live life to the fullest. Management's main objective is to take steps toward realizing this philosophy.

Point 2: Global Leadership as a Strategic Target

As milestones for achieving its management philosophy, the Company aims to be the global leader in the HR Business in terms of number of positions filled by 2020, and also the global leader in the HR and Marketing Media Business in terms of total service users by 2030.

Point 3: Provide New Value via the Ribbon Model

Recruit Group's business model is called the Ribbon Model, because it connects individuals (users) with companies (clients). By offering individuals more choices in how they live, we are able to provide optimal matching scenarios, for the benefit of companies and industry circles.

Point 4: Recruit Group's Corporate Culture and Intellectual Capital for Nurturing Businesses

The Ribbon Model itself is a valuable piece of intellectual capital. Moreover, Recruit Group has diverse knowledge about and capabilities for energizing human resources and organizations, as well as businesses brought together via the Ribbon Model that have been constantly refined for more than 50 years. This intellectual capital is a key resource for creating and evolving businesses, and enables the passing down of its corporate culture.

Point 5: Recruit Group's Corporate Culture Unifies and Ties Everything Together

Recruit Group's unique corporate culture is the foundation that unifies and ties all of this together. By constantly asking "Why are you here?" within the context of customers and society, the Company reinforce its principles of "Strong Sense of Ownership" and "Entrepreneurs United", draw out its knowledge and capabilities from the Ribbon Model, and reignite growth as a business through "Empowered Individuals, Strong Teams". The Company believes its competitive advantages cannot be easily imitated because they are all rooted in its unique corporate culture.