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Embracing and Celebrating Ideas:
Talent Development Initiatives

Proposing innovative ideas at Ring

Ring is a new business proposal contest that began in 1982 and has resulted in some of Recruit's most innovative and successful services, such as Zexy Brand and Study Sapuri. Anyone-Recruit employee or not-is invited to come up with out-of-the-box ideas for new lines of business and pitch their concept to the Recruit executive team. In order to reinvigorate employees' entrepreneurial spirit each year, the contest has evolved to include workshops and tools that help people search for teammates, draft proposals, and solicit executive cooperation. In 2020, 834 proposals were submitted, and several have entered the preparatory stage for business implementation.

FORUM, inspiring each other in our everyday work

While Ring is an opportunity for RG employees to engage in active, collaborative, blue-sky innovation, FORUM is an opportunity for Recruit employees to share innovations that have been successful in their everyday work.

Since its founding, Recruit has nurtured a culture of reciprocal encouragement, asking employees to share business processes and best practices across departments. FORUM is a celebration of Recruit's approach to knowledge-sharing, with the idea that employees would benefit from a better understanding of the novel and versatile ways their coworkers have optimized their jobs.

Each year, 10 teams from each of four divisions of expertise-sales, engineering, management, and business development-are nominated to share their day-to-day best practices with the rest of the organization through presentations and panel discussions during a large-scale, live-streamed event.

FORUM's success is due to the fact that every innovation, no matter how seemingly small, can help transform a business and create more enjoyment at work. FORUM's policy is not recognition from the top, but praise from your peers. The greatest compliment to the presenter is to be appreciated by colleagues who are facing the same problems and challenges. The presenter's spirit of challenge inspires their colleagues to take on a new challenge and say, "It's my turn."