Mission, Culture & Strategy

The road to becoming a top global business in 2030 by growing three business segments

New value that enriches people's lives

Founded in the 1960s as an information business bringing together the needs of companies for human resources and of students looking for work, the Recruit Group now provides services dealing with many necessities and aspects of life such as employment, education, housing, travel, automobiles, marriage, cuisine, beauty, nursing, and lifestyle. We have built our company value around being an essential part of people's lives in Japan.

The Recruit Group began making real efforts to expand globally after branching out to China in 2004. Our corporate brand name outside of Japan is "the Recruit Global Family" (RGF). Since 2010 we have brought many local companies in the West and Asia into the group, and we now have the largest network in Asia with the most locations in APAC, China, and Asia*. In October 2014, the Recruit Group was newly listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, with market capitalization breaking two trillion yen the following day. Since our founding in Japan, the Recruit group continues to adapt to the times and evolve as a global business.

※ As of October 2014. The top ranking is compared to other Japanese agents and global search firms.

Providing locations for optimal matching of people and information

Recruit has two main types of patrons. The first are the users who make use of the information services provided by the Recruit Group. The second are the clients who release this information. In other words, Recruit acts as a meeting point for clients and users in business to user (B to C), business-to-business (B to B), and user-to-user (C to C) business models, performing the crucial role of providing a location for optimal matching for both parties.

In order to create even more top-class matching services that connect industries and people, the Recruit Group operates three segments within our core business structure: promotional media, personnel media, and temporary staffing media.

Promotional Media: Support for People's Lives and Daily Needs

Our first segment is promotional media, which encompasses support for all the milestone events in people's lives such as education, employment, marriage, childbirth and childcare, as well as purchasing a home or car, from the perspective that life is the ultimate stage for everyone.

At the same time, we also handle an enormous amount of information needed on a daily basis to help people find the best possible lunch, dinner, hair salons, trips, or courses. In doing so we have realized optimized matching for both those sending information and those receiving it based around a core of increasingly diverse living situations and values. We truly provide support for all aspects of people's lifestyles.

Life events and lifestyle surrounding services of media

Our services for life events and lifestyle are carried out on a diverse range of media that includes the Internet, applications, marketing magazines, free coupon papers, and events. Our goal here at Recruit is to contribute to society by providing valuable information for the many points of selection and decision-making that exist in people's daily lives.


Major Promotional Media Brands & Businesses

SUUMO (housing), Zexy (marriage), Car Sensor (automotive), Rikunabi Shingaku (education), JALAN (travel), Hot Pepper Gourmet (cuisine), Hot Pepper Beauty (beauty), MOVOTO (second-hand housing / America), Quandoo (cuisine / Germany), HotSpring (beauty / UK), etc.

Human Resources Media & Temporary Staffing: All-in-one Employment Services

Our human resources media and temporary staffing segments include comprehensive personnel services that involve job hunting, switching occupations, part-time, dispatch, or independent work, along with cultivation of skilled staff. The business of pairing those in search of work with companies looking for employees has not only been at the core of Recruit since day one, but is also perhaps the area in which we excel the most. We now offer even more services like Indeed, an American business that operates the world's largest aggregate job-hunting site, and Rikunabi, the largest job information site for new or previously graduated students, that carry on the tradition of our early days in a form that fits the needs of today.

Another thing that makes Recruit different is that we also conduct training or human resource development services in order to meet the needs of companies looking for specialists or those hoping to advance their careers by changing occupation. For instance, the RGF, which oversees our human resources introduction sector worldwide, has expanded its service range to cover companies in Japan and many other countries, including ten regions and 25 cities in Asia alone. Our clients use us for a broad range of purposes such as supporting the hiring of executive personnel and facilitating the transfer of young or mid-career middle management staff.

In recent years we have also strengthened our services for foreign-affiliated or local companies by acquiring Chandler Macleod, which conducts temporary staffing in Australia, and Peoplebank, an IT temporary staffing firm active in locales such as Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


Major Human Resources Media & Temporary Staffing Businesses


Our human resources media businesses include Rikunabi, Rikunabi NEXT, Recruit Agent, Townwork (all employment and introduction), Indeed (employment / America), RGF HR Agent (executive search), Recruit Management Solutions (HR development and training), etc.


Our temporary staffing businesses include Recruit Staffing, Staff Service Group, Staffmark (North America), Advantage Resourcing (North America, the UK, and Australia), The CSI Companies (North America), Chandler Macleod (Australia), Peoplebank (Australia), etc.

The top in the HR service sector in the world by 2020. The top in the world in all sectors by 2030

As of 2015, the consolidated net sales of Recruit Holdings stands at 1,299,930 million yen (April 1, 2014 - March 31, 2015), with EBITDA (operating income + depreciation and amortization + goodwill amortization) at 191,400 million yen (Year Ended Mar. 2015).

In the days to come we plan to create new, growing fields utilizing IT, expand our client and user bases even further, and provide business support to small-to-medium-sized companies. We also have our eyes on succeeding in the education and healthcare industries. Our mergers and acquisitions approach consists of a two-step process of small investments and evaluating potential followed by large-scale purchases and accelerated development. The plan is to achieve even further growth by exporting the knowhow in administrative management and business implementation we have built up over the years in Japan to other countries.

This is why we are accelerating the cultivation of management-level and IT human resources. Our Vision is to become the top business group in the HR service sector in the world by 2020, and then grow even further to become the top matching platform in all sectors globally by 2030. "Recruit" is generally recognized as a word referring to employment, but in the near future most people around the world might understand it as referring to Recruit Holdings.

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