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The next level of point-of-sale register apps for small to mid-sized businesses

A point-of-sale register made for smaller businesses that want to keep cost and space used to a minimum.


All features are available free-of-charge, with no startup or monthly fees.

As smart devices and cloud computing become more commonplace, many changes are occurring in the state of the service industry. One of these changes is the appearance of point-of-sale register applications that make it possible for smartphones and tablets to act as POS systems with greater speed while checking-out, reduce the number of errors while tallying sales and inventory, and make managing customer data more efficient.

Recruit released the POS register app "Air Regi" in 2013. The app quickly became the number one shareholder in its main service area of Japan. One of the reasons for this lies in its great compatibility with the business environments and ways in which users employ it. Air Regi is mainly used by restaurants or smaller-sized service or retail businesses. The app's diverse range of highly efficient features that allow users to input orders, checkout customers, manage inventory, perform aggregate analyses of sales, process credit card transactions in tandem with Square, and organize customer data make it easier to introduce at a low cost and operate in a smaller space than traditional POS registers.

Air Regi continues to grow as the perfect register for stores with fewer staff members, or business owners that must perform multiple duties such as processing orders, transactions, and managing inventory in a limited space.

All features are available free-of-charge, with no startup or monthly fees.

Manager, Hiroyuki Kagawa
(Okinawa - Nabee Beach at Onna Seaside Civil Park)

I want guests to enjoy the sea in Okinawa free of stress

Reducing waiting time for customers also makes things easier for staff.

Nabee Beach at Onna Seaside Park is an area rich in the nature of Okinawa with clear waters that make it possible to see the coral reefs living on the seabed. Of course it is also a great place to enjoy a swim in the ocean and other maritime activities. It also just happens that some of those providing the related services make use of Air Regi.

There are many services available at this beach like snorkeling, dragon boats, kayaking, offshore fishing, and BBQs. All of these are operated in cooperation with the local fisherman, so we're able to show visitors to hidden spots you won't find in guidebooks and help them enjoy all sorts of activities amidst the beautiful nature of Okinawa.

During the on-season we serve many types of guests like families, groups of friends, and students on vacation. We only have a single reception counter, which also happens to be where our register is located, so we've often found ourselves in hectic situations when multiple groups happened to be paying or checking in at the same time. But, since Air Regi can be used from anywhere on a tablet, we can divide things up more effectively by handling reception and other services at the counter, and having customers settle their bill wherever they happen to be at the time of checkout.

This is a resort, so we want our guests to have a fun and stress-free experience. While we do have to turn people away on days when it isn't possible to fully enjoy the nature of Okinawa because the sea is too rough or cloudy, we keep all the equipment needed for marine activities on hand, so guests don't need to bring anything with them.

Onna Seaside Civil Park, Nabee Beach Okinawa.

419-4, Onna, Onna-son Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, 904-0411, Japan

Lucky guests can eat barbecued fish caught by local fishermen.

The tropical fish and coral reefs of Okinawa, in spots only the locals know.

Manager, Akiko Sato
(Asakusa - Sato Sample)

We're able to visualize data and who our customers are. Our hope is to share the appeal of Japanese food culture and craftsmanship

Within Asakusa, one of Japan's top tourist destinations, is a wholesale district that specializes in selling the tools of trade for cooks and those in the restaurant industry. There you will find Sato Sample, a business that manufactures and sells the model food used for displays at restaurants, and also happens to use Air Regi to keep track of their approximately 3,500 products.

All-in-one management of large inventories spread across multiple locations like the storefront, warehouse, and workshop.

We have produced and sold the sample dishes displayed in showcases in restaurants since we opened our doors in 1925. We offer over 3,500 products spanning Japanese, Chinese, and Western cuisine, as well as desserts, every single one of which is handmade by craftsmen at our own workshop.

All-in-one management of large inventories spread across multiple locations like the storefront, warehouse, and workshop

Most of our products are made-to-order according to requests from individual restaurants, but even just a bowl of ramen can have many points of variation since each place has different ingredients or thicknesses of noodles. And then we also sell souvenir items like keychains in order to spread the word about the high level of craftsmanship in Japan. Some of our customers purchase dozens of items at a time, so we often need to make sure we have 30 to 50 of each of our most popular products on hand.

In the past we kept track of all of our products, from the one-off items with a different designs to those we always maintained a large stock of, by hand in notebooks. This in turn meant that we had to devote a large amount of time to tallying our stock after we finished business for the day and at the end of the year. Air Regi allows us to manage our inventory and sales figures at a single glance, though, so since we've started using it we've been able to significantly cut down on this time and labor burden.

Visualizing sales also increases staff awareness, and makes inner branding more effective.

We can also see detailed figures on the quantity of each product sold and how much revenue it has made, which in turn has a positive effect in the workshop as well. For example, our most popular sushi sample is for salmon. Being able to show that to the craftsmen with visual data leads them to be even more motivated in their work.

Another thing that we really value when it comes to over-the-counter sales is the way the back office of the PC version of Air Regi can use CSV files to register and manage product names, store names, prices, Made in Japan label, and barcodes. All we need to do is print them off on stickers to place on our products. However, some of our samples are of dishes or foods unique to Japan. It can be a bit difficult at times for customers from overseas to know what the sample is supposed to be of just by looking at it, so these labels help them to gain a better understanding of Japanese food culture.

Air Regi is a tool that allows us to not only manage our inventory and sales, but also visualize many things like the core details of our products, and who our craftsmen and customers are. It's a great partner for people like us who hope to spread the word about Japanese craftsmanship through model food.

Sato Sample

3-7-4, Nishiasakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 111-0035, Japan

The showroom and store in Asakusa's Kappa-bashi wholesale district sees customers from Japan and abroad every day.

New types of growth by introducing
Air Regi all at once to malls full of smaller shops.

Air Regi is finding use at locations all over Japan, including at shopping plazas full of many different tenants. One example of this is Senagajima Umikaji Terrace, an island resort offering comfortable and enriching experiences that recently opened on the western coast of Senagajima in Okinawa.

Umikaji Terrace Senagajima

Umikaji Terrace Senagajima, 174-5, Senaga, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa, 901-0233, Japan

General Manager, Hayashida Yoshisuke
(Okinawa - TryAir)

We work for children aspiring to become pilots, and the future of the aviation industry

Try Air is a flight simulator service that allows visitors to sit in the pilot's seat in order to spread the appeal of aircraft. It is proving popular with both children and adults for the way it offers the experience soaring skies and airports from all over the world at an affordable price.

Our flight simulator is the same one used at many aviation colleges and the training centers of many well-known airlines. It's authentic equipment that can also be used to obtain aviator's licenses recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation. Customers can choose between 22 different varieties of aircraft to fly in the skies and airports of 14 locations from around the world in order to gain simulated experience of various flight operations like takeoffs and landings. An instructor who once worked as a pilot is there the entire time, so even small children with no prior knowledge of airplanes can safely enjoy flying our fully equipped simulator.

We've already had around 2,000 people come to try the simulator despite being open for just two months. When it's crowded the wait can sometimes last up to four hours. This being the case, we do very occasionally have instances where the numbers don't add up when we tally up our sales after closing. With a traditional register we would need to check each past transaction while looking at the receipts, but since Air Regi manages all the data at once we can pinpoint the cause of the error right away, which is a big help.

The fact is that there is a shortage of pilots in the aviation industry today. We hope to provide the service, equipment, and location to foster an interest in aviation among children who could become pilots in the future. Nothing would make us happier than to provide the starting point for pilots who go on to fly all over the world.


Umikaji Terrace Senagajima 174-5, Senaga, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa, 901-0233, Japan

Rates for adults start at 1,000 yen. The price being so much lower than that of similar services is another part of the appeal.

Visitors can experience flying the skies of locations all over the world like Las Vegas, Europe, Niagara, and Kyoto.

Manager, Makoto Tomiyama
(Okinawa - Taco Rice Café Kijimuna)

Guests can order the soul food of Okinawa while sitting on the terrace enjoying the ocean and evening sun

Younger employees from the smartphone generation can apparently use Air Regi almost immediately.

Taco rice is a multicultural soul food born in Okinawa that features the ingredients and sauces of Mexican tacos placed on rice. Taco Rice Café Kijimuna is a favorite eatery for tourists and locals alike.

Many restaurants in Japan serve taco rice, but the most popular item on our menu is an original taco rice dish served with a fluffy egg on top. We are also known for letting people customize their orders with toppings like avocado or teriyaki chicken, as well as curry or chili seasonings.

Part of the reason come here is that we offer a larger menu than most other taco rice places. The flipside of this is that we have always had to set aside quite a bit of time for training new staff members so they know our system for orders and pricing. But, since Air Regi can be used without knowing all of this, we can now spend our time focusing on other tasks.

Allowing customers to order and pay at their tables has made communication smoother than ever.

Allowing customers to order and pay at their tables has made communication smoother than ever.

Another great thing about Air Regi is all orders and bills can be handled using tablets. So, if for instance a customer is in a wheelchair, or is elderly and has trouble moving around easily, we can go take care of these things for them at their table. Our restaurant allows patrons to dine on a terrace with a view of the ocean, so of course we've made it possible for them to order and pay without getting up from their seats. All we want is for our customers to enjoy a beautiful sunset while dining on some taco rice.

Tacos and Taco Rice KIJIMUNA Umikaji Terrace

Umikaji Terrace Senagajima, 174-5, Senaga, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa, 901-0233, Japan

Air Regi, the top point-of-sale register application in Japan, not only offers data management and transaction functions, but has also recently begun offering consulting and problem-solving services for common management woes like human resources development and drawing in customers as part of the Recruit Group. Other new services that can be added on as needed like "Air Wait," for managing customer orders and waiting lists, and "Air Reserve," for consolidating management of reservations and customer data, are being announced all the time.

All of these will continue to evolve into a new "Air Platform" built around the Air Regi core in order to improve productivity and resolve issues faced by business owners.

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