Mission, Culture & Strategy

Three original business cultures that shape the character and strength of the group

The Recruit Group's DNA that carries over to each member

Every company has its own unique character that can't be found anywhere else. At the Recruit Group, we have continued to value the management principles of creating new value, contributing to society, and respecting individuality from the moment we were founded all the way up to today. Business practices change by the day, but one of the greatest reasons we have been able to maintain this "DNA" for so long is the unique business culture that permeates the group. There are three core components of this business culture that can be thought of as the character of the Recruit Group.

We are " Entrepreneurs United "
We have a " Powerful Sense of Ownership "
We are " Empowered Individuals, Strong Teams "

The first is an entrepreneurial spirit. Many of our people have a strong desire to create new businesses that will add value to society. Furthermore, our business model is built around producing value for society, making it possible to strive for continued growth without diluting our entrepreneurial ideals.

The second component is our powerful sense of ownership. We undertake various efforts in order to help our people find deep meaning in their work. One such undertaking involves making and periodically checking "will, can, and must" sheets, which describe the things that will, can, and must be done through a business. Everyone from our board members to our freshest faces is asked to do this.

Finally, we have our third component, which is an environment that allows people to trust and rely on each other's potential as individuals. With a staff of 31,841 people (as of March 31st, 2015), the Recruit Group is truly an ensemble of different personalities. This being the case, we have made sure to create many opportunities for our people to share everything from their business processes to their accomplishments through company newsletters and awards ceremonies. Fostering this sort of mutual respect has made it possible for our people to identify partners who possess strengths they may be lacking and thus place trust in each other's ideas and potential as individuals.

At the core of each of these business cultures lies the question, "What do you want to do?" Having each and every one of our people feel ownership regarding everything taking place in the company is what forms the character of the Recruit Group as a whole. Something that sets us apart from the pack is the way we employ many opportunities, settings, and methods to help this sense of ownership spread within the group.

A new business system for crafting fresh value

An entrepreneurial spirit is essential to any businessperson in a field that requires undertaking new challenges. At the Recruit Group we have been promoting a climate of ownership among all of our staff since 1981, which includes establishing what is now known as "New Ring", a business system for creating fresh endeavors. We focused even further on innovation during 1990, which in turn led to many of our most iconic projects such as "Zexy", "Hot Pepper", "R25", and "Jyuken Sapuri".



new business proposals


We continue to evolve to meet the needs of today's world, such as with the launch of the "New Ring Recruit Ventures" project, which is intended to develop new, IT-oriented business models, in April 2014. Through this project the entire Recruit Group has produced over 500 new business proposals in just a single year.

Assuming a leading role,
and accepting ownership

company magazine "KAMOME"

Here at the Recruit Group, we have a company PR magazine known as Kamome that is intended to pass along our company DNA by inspiring motivation and achieving as great a sense of unity as possible. Each month 25,000 copies are published under polices such as "our people play the lead role", "embracing empathy and participation", and "respecting the real opinions of our people". The main feature of each issue is also translated into English so that our member companies and partners around the world can also keep in touch with our business culture, endeavors, and latest developments. Kamome will undergo a renewal in April 2016, which will enable it to become an even greater tool for strengthening our international connections.

The editorial team behind this magazine is of course made up of Recruit staff. Their goal is to build an even greater sense of participation and belonging by putting together features on surveys, work-related projects, introducing our overseas enterprises, as well as conveying our company climate and employees' activities. This not only allows our people to have a strong grasp of our corporate culture and enterprises, but also a deeper understanding of the Recruit Group's role in the marketplace and society.

There are two sections in Japanese and English.

Visualizing one's duties and role by commending others

Perhaps the greatest representations of our company culture of trusting in each other's potential as individuals are the many systems we have set up for awarding our people.


Some of the best examples of this are our "Forum" awards, which are composed of four categories: the Client Service or "Top Gun" award for creating new business solutions through interaction with customers, the Technology or "Engine" award for producing hints on how to gain an edge over competitors in the future, the Business Development & Improvement or "Growth" award for those who develop new products and services, and finally the Management Base or "Guardian" award for administrative staff involved in personnel and finance. Teams that have performed with excellence or produced innovative proposals are presented with these awards once a year in front of their fellow staff members.


The ARINA (All Recruit Innovation Award) is a ceremony in which examples of innovation that have contributed to advancements in new value are commended in front of the entire group. The 10 to 15 recipients are selected based on criteria like originality, repeatability, and versatility. Workshops led by the recipients and similar events held after the ceremony play a vital role in supporting the climate of "innovating together" that we at the Recruit Group cherish.

Establishing these award systems has enabled us to create an environment in which it is easier for our people to generate ideas, while also simultaneously functioning as a setting for accelerating the spread of knowledge management and our company vision.

A "bottom-up" rather than "top-down" organization

Part of our culture at the Recruit Group is that each quarter or half term we hold "kickoffs" at the business or department level that bring together all of their respective staff members. These events are held to share our company vision, commend exemplary staff members, expand our knowledge base, and recognize the service of all of our people.

After the kickoff we hold friendly get-togethers that include anything from entertainment organized and presented by the staff, sports festivals at stadiums with a capacity of 30,000 people, or unique gatherings featuring performances by guest singers or comedians. More often than not our own executives will also be on hand to help get the good times rolling.

This just goes to show that our kickoffs are not staff assemblies so much as they are opportunities to strengthen the bond among our team, and also embodiments of the unique "bottom-up rather than top-down" culture here at the Recruit Group.


group affiliates




As of March 31st, 2015, the Recruit Group consists of 162 group affiliates, with a total staff numbering 31,841 individuals. Maintaining a single vision across a business of this scale is most definitely not a simple undertaking.

However, we at the Recruit Group embrace three company cultures of entrepreneurial spirit, powerful sense of ownership, and cultivating an environment where we can count on each other's potential as individuals. We will also continue to provide settings and opportunities to experience these cultures. This makes it possible for each and every one of our people to feel a sense of inclusion in all of the group's enterprises. This enables them to implement their own ideas of "will," "can," and "must," which are in turn then reflected in the group, society, and marketplace. It can be said that the unique ecosystem that has arisen around these three business cultures are what constitute the character of the Recruit Group as a whole.

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