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Katrina Lake

Independent Director (Non-Executive)

Katrina Lake
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Katrina Lake serves as an independent Director of the Recruit Holdings’ Board since 2023. Katrina is the Executive Chairperson of the Board of Stitch Fix, Inc., a technology platform based in the US that offers personal online styling services. Katrina brings a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge from serving as an independent director for companies such as Grubhub, Inc., a global food delivery service provider and Glossier, Inc., a cosmetics brand. Katrina joined the EY-Parthenon (formerly The Parthenon Group) in 2005, and in 2011, after working for Leader Ventures, LLC, she founded Stitch Fix, Inc.. In 2017, Stitch Fix, Inc. was listed on NASDAQ, making her the youngest female CEO ever to be listed on the stock exchange.

June 2023

Independent Director* of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. Executive Chairperson* of the Board of Stitch Fix, Inc.

January 2023

CEO and Chairperson of Stitch Fix, Inc.

August 2021

Chairperson of Stitch Fix, Inc.

June 2018

Independent Director* of Glossier, Inc.

December 2015

Independent Director of Grubhub, Inc.

January 2011

Founder and CEO of Stitch Fix, Inc.

September 2007

Joined Leader Ventures, LLC

September 2005

Joined EY-Parthenon (formerly The Parthenon Group, LLC)

Unless otherwise stated, position refers to Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. *Current position