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Commitment to Our People

Women's Representation in Leadership

Achieving gender parity among senior executives, those in managerial positions, and total employees by FY2030 at Recruit Group.*2

The diversity of Recruit Group's employees has been the source of our value creation from the very beginning. Betting on the passion and ideas of our employees has long been our competitive advantage. This is why our leadership team continues to prioritize a diverse, equitable and inclusive (DEI) workforce that enables everyone to thrive and drives innovation. We are focusing on diversifying our management by setting a group-wide goal for greater gender diversity.

Value Creation Cycle

It Always Starts from Within

When all of our employees are empowered to foster their passions, they will be motivated to invent innovative ways to better support our users as well as the society they live in. When users and business clients are happy with our products and services, our businesses can succeed, and we can then share the success with shareholders. We believe that we can sustainably grow our corporate value when we prosper together with all of our stakeholders.

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Progress in FY2021

Accelerating Our Efforts by Setting a Three-Year Target*3

We are working toward a group-wide commitment to increase the representation of women across the company by setting a three-year target as a milestone toward FY2030.

In addition, to accelerate our efforts, the achievement of our three-year women's representation targets are linked to a portion of long-term incentive compensation*4 for senior vice presidents, who are responsible for driving and realizing the target.

Our Efforts in the Business toward Achieving Gender Parity across the Group

Our leadership from each Strategic Business Unit (SBU) are working tirelessly and urgently to breakthrough their unique challenges to accelerate our journey toward achieving gender parity by FY2030.

Voices of Leaders Advancing DEI Initiatives at Recruit Group

Explore the perspectives of leaders on the challenges they face, the goals they are aiming, and their current efforts to effect change.

The status and challenges to increase the percentage of women managers vary by each SBU. As shown in the figure below, the Staffing SBU has already achieved a 50% ratio of women among all employees and in managerial positions, and the only remaining challenge is in senior management positions. On the other hand, the Matching & Solutions SBU and the HR Technology SBU are still in the process of achieving their targets for managerial positions. They are planning and implementing measures in line with their respective environment and challenges.

Percentage of Women at Each Employee Level by SBU

*As of April 2023

The following initiatives portray our current collective efforts at each SBU.

  • HR Technology SBU: Championing Inclusive Interviewing Rules

    The SBU established a new process, "Inclusive Interview Rule" for internal and external hiring practices to ensure a diverse slate of candidates throughout the entire interview process. This SBU is also implementing measures to boost the number of women represented in our engineering, science and tech-related positions.

  • Matching & Solutions SBU: Un-stereotyping the Must-Have Skills for Managerial Positions to Improve Gender Representation

    At the Matching & Solutions SBU*5, which operates mainly in Japan where the gender gap is particularly significant, first the SBU identified and reduced gender bias by clarifying the requirements for managerial positions and reevaluating what was previously thought of as must-have skills or necessary work styles to increase women’s representation. The organizations that adopted this initiative identified 1.7 times more women candidates for first-line managers while it increased by 1.4 times for men, leading to an overall expansion of candidates for management positions.

  • Staffing SBU: Succession Planning for Senior Executives

    The SBU aims to further strengthen succession planning for its senior executives — the CEOs of major subsidiaries and SBU executives — and to increase women’s representation in their candidate pool. In addition, the SBU implemented a new leadership mentoring program to nurture women managerial candidates.

Moving the Needle for Gender Equality

Recruit Group is working together with global change makers for achieving a gender equal world. We actively participate in international initiatives to learn valuable insights from across the globe and share lessons we learned while pursuing our gender parity goals.

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More on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

We are promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in the Group from various perspectives.

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  1. On this webpage, the number of years stated are reflective of the number of Recruit Holdings fiscal years, which begin on April 1 each year and end March 31 of the following year. All figures displayed here are approximate.
  2. Senior executive positions are defined as Senior Vice Presidents and Corporate Officers of Recruit Holdings and Matching & Solutions Strategic Business Unit (SBU), and CEOs of the Company's major subsidiaries and heads of key functions in the HR Technology and Staffing SBUs. Figures for managerial positions and employees are calculated from Recruit Holdings, SBU Headquarters and the primary operating companies of each SBU. Managerial positions mean those that have subordinate employees.
  3. The women representation target for employees is based on the results from April 1, 2022 to April 1, 2025.
  4. Compensation based on ESG target achievements is set as a part of BIP trust (stock) compensation. Eligibility to receive this award and the payout amount will depend on whether or not the three-year target is achieved.
  5. SBU is an abbreviation of "Strategic Business Unit,” a denomination of the Company’s business segments.