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Opportunities for Life. Faster, simpler and closer to you.

Since our foundation, we have connected individuals and businesses offering both a multitude of choices. In this era of search, where information has become available anytime anywhere, we need to focus more on proposing the optimal choice. We seek to provide “Opportunities for Life” much faster, surprisingly simpler and closer than ever before.

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About Recruit Group

A Global Technology Company

In a rapidly changing online business environment, we aim to maximize shareholder and corporate value with streamlined decision-making based on an ability to quickly grasp stakeholder needs and realize business opportunities in the global market.

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Our Business Model

Delivering "Opportunities for Life" That Are Faster, Simpler and Closer

Ever since our foundation, Recruit Group has sought to act as a meeting place that brings together individual users and business clients, with a focus on services in the fields of life events and lifestyle, ranging from education to employment, and beauty to dining out.

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our business model

Corporate Blog

Inside Out

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Inside Out is where we tell our stories that cannot be conveyed through numbers alone. Recruit Group believes that the thoughts of each individual—Inside—are connected to our creation of value for society—Outside.



Prosper Together

We continue to strive for making a positive impact on society and this shared planet through all corporate activities, and aim to prosper together with all stakeholders.

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Investor Relations

Building the world's leading matching platform

The Company aims to invest in new businesses, research and development, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in order to achieve profitable growth over the long-term, and maximize enterprise value and shareholder returns.

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