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Recruit Group is a global technology company transforming the world of work.
We are working to simplify the hiring process and help businesses work smarter so everyone can prosper together.
Our goal is to deliver long term sustainable growth and positive social impact.

Our Brands

HR Technology SBU

Global platforms on jobs, hiring solutions and real-time conversations

Logo of indeed, GLASSDOOR

Matching & Solutions SBU

Matching platforms and SaaS solutions
in Japan

Logos for HR Solutions: Rikunabi NEXT, Rikunabi, Townwork, RECRUIT AGENT and Logos of Marketing Solutions: SUUMO, Hotpepper Beauty, Jalan, Hotpepper Gourmet. Logos Air BusinessTools.

Staffing SBU

Temporary staffing services in
Japan, Europe, US and Australia

Logo of RGF Staffing, Recruit Staffing, STAFF SERVICE GROUP, Staffmark Group, CSI Companies, Recruit Staffing ANZ

Our Strategy

Recruit Group's three-point business strategy supports our quick-response attitude to the rapidly changing business landscape and our identification of global opportunities that enable us to prosper together sustainably with all our stakeholders.

Simplify Hiring

Make it easier and faster for people to get jobs

Future of Work

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Help Businesses Work Smarter

Improve performance and productivity for business clients in Japan

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Prosper Together

Make positive impact on society and the planet through sustainable growth shared by all stakeholders


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Corporate Blog

Inside Out

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Inside Out is where we tell our stories that cannot be conveyed through numbers alone. Recruit Group believes that the thoughts of each individual—Inside—are connected to our creation of value for society—Outside.