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To prosper together with all stakeholders, we continue to strive for making a positive impact on society and this shared planet through all corporate activities

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Message from Our Leaders

"We look forward to the journey ahead of us, and to doing our part to prosper together with all stakeholders."

- "Deko" Hisayuki Idekoba

Our Commitment


Pledge to become carbon neutral through our business activities by 2021 and our entire value chain by 2030*²

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Our Commitment

Social Impact

Shorten the time to get hired by half by 2030*³

Help 30 million people facing barriers get hired by 2030*⁴

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Our Commitment

Our People

Aim to achieve gender parity across all employee levels by 2030

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Our Commitment


Reach gender parity of the Board of Directors members including Audit & Supervisory Board members by 2030*⁵

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  • *1On this webpage, the number of years stated are reflective of the number of Recruit Holdings fiscal years which begin on April 1 each year and end March 31 of the following year. All figures displayed here are approximate.
  • *2GHG emissions through business activities are the sum of direct emissions from the use of fuels in the owned or controlled sources ("Scope 1") and indirect emissions from the use of purchased electricity, heat, or steam in the owned or controlled sources ("Scope 2"). GHG emissions through the value chain are indirect emissions other than Scope 1 and 2, occurring in the value chain ("Scope 3"). The entire value chain represents the total of Scope 1, 2 and 3. Carbon neutrality includes reducing GHG emissions as well as offsetting residual emissions.
  • *3Average estimated duration it takes for people who get hired through the Indeed online job search platform after they started to apply to a job on the platform, calculated by available data.
  • *4Initiatives aim to support racial and ethnic minority groups, people without higher education, people facing barriers due to age bias, and people with disabilities. The Company may also aim to reduce various other barriers, including newly emerging issues in the labor market by FY2030. The initiative as of today includes help through the Indeed online job search platform, and through partnerships with organizations such as Goodwill Industries International and Shaw Trust with whom Indeed collaborates.
  • *5The Board of Directors members are defined as Directors of the Board and Audit & Supervisory Board members.

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Inside Out is where we tell our stories that cannot be conveyed through numbers alone. Recruit Group believes that the thoughts of each individual—Inside—are connected to our creation of value for society—Outside.