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    Accessibility Policy

    Accessibility guideline of Recruit Holdings website

    The website of Recruit Holdings features consideration of the following items as a response to accessibility.

    Structure/color combination

    With consideration of various user environments, we check to ensure the flow of the website is secured. Specifically, we make the text-size reader friendly. Additionally, the contrast between the background color and font color is improved to enhance the visibility of the letters.

    Response to screen readers

    Links to contents and explanatory text of images are added so that voice browser and screen reader users can collect information free from any stress.

    Optimization of the descriptive structure

    The html tag which supports the content of the body text is used to facilitate comfortable browsing when using various browsers, support software and so on. By conforming with or replicating web standards, this enables a more accessible site to be established. Checks are also made as to whether structuring and tagging is performed appropriately.

    Accessibility guideline of Recruit Holdings website