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Message from Christian Sutherland-Wong, CEO of Glassdoor FY2020

Our Commitment To Radical Transparency

Since Glassdoor was founded in 2007, we have remained focused on driving transparency in the workplace and job market. We've made a profound, global impact on the millions of people who have used our website to find a job and company they love.

Driving transparency continues to be the biggest opportunity for Glassdoor to affect positive change. We believe transparency empowers people with the right information to make the right decisions.

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Christian Sutherland-Wong CEO, Glassdoor

But there's another powerful product of transparency: accountability. Accountability drives people and companies to lift their standards. It protects job seekers from low ball offers that could lead to pay inequity. It ensures employees are paid and evaluated fairly, are not discriminated against, and are heard by company leaders.

The first step to achieve this vision is for us to adopt a more radical approach to transparency in how we operate here at Glassdoor. These are just a few of the ways we hold ourselves accountable:

Pay Transparency.
We've publicly released our compensation philosophy to help candidates understand how they will be paid if they work at Glassdoor. And in late 2020, we will publicly share our pay bands for roles across Glassdoor. Our long-term vision is full salary transparency.

Diversity Data Transparency.
In July 2020, Glassdoor began externally publishing information about our employee demographics, by race, gender, leadership, and tech and non-tech roles.

Employee Feedback Transparency.
The reviews on our Glassdoor company page provide a great but limited overview of what it is like to work here. We've asked our employees to regularly contribute their anonymous, genuine reviews on our Glassdoor company page. We also plan on making the insights from our internal employee survey available to candidates so they can get a more complete picture of what it's like to work at Glassdoor.

Company Performance Transparency.
We share performance updates internally in our monthly all-hands and full financials every quarter. Though we cannot disclose too many details externally, we have made certain information available externally to help job seekers get a feel for our relative position within the HR Tech industry.

Operating transparently at Glassdoor is fundamental to our ability to advocate for widespread corporate transparency. Our ultimate goal is to set an example of radical transparency for other employers-and we can do that by using our own platform. We will continue to innovate new ways to take workplace transparency to the next level.

Sep 30, 2020

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