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Air BusinessTools: Safeguarding businesses amid a health crisis

Since resuming operations, many small- and medium-sized enterprises have struggled to manage the heavy workloads demanded by new safety measures. In order to inform companies and help them contend with the new requirements, Air BusinessTools, a suite of SaaS-based solutions for business and management support, has begun to release data insights.

Businesses like Kosugi YuTo an external site(Available in Japanese only), a public bathhouse in Koenji, Tokyo, have used the AirREGITo an external site(Available in Japanese only) POS tool since its introduction in 2019 to improve store management and visualize sales and inventory data, a process that once relied on manual calculations. Now, to help prevent congestion and limit risks of infection, AirREGI is sharing customer traffic data on social networking services (Figure).

AirPAYTo an external site(Available in Japanese only), another Air BusinessTools solution that allows customers to make various payments using a single card reader and an iPad or iPhone, is also releasing valuable data about store operations. For example, at the Kodawari Shoten mini-supermarket in Waseda, Tokyo, the number of contactless payments made by customers who are over 60 years old has doubled since before the COVID-19 health crisis began. This increase in cashless payments has reduced transmission opportunities, transaction time, and accounting time and effort.

In addition, using AirWAITTo an external site(Available in Japanese only), the Kotani ClinicTo an external site(Available in Japanese only) in Kanagawa Prefecture now offers online receptionists and waiting lists in addition to waiting room displays that signal the next customer. Patients can check for available appointments and live wait times to avoid crowded waiting rooms.


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Sep 30, 2020

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