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Promoting a sustainable society

Protecting & Conserving the Environment

Each company in the Staffing SBU is making various efforts to protect and conserve the environment, increase sustainability education, and raise awareness of the problems that must be addressed. Initiatives include:

Eliminating use of plastic

  • Advantage Group UK switched from water coolers to a water filtration system that donates to the development of water systems in Africa.

  • Staffmark Group and USG People France only provide and encourage employees to use reusable bottles and cups.

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Reducing waste

  • RGF Staffing and Chandler Macleod Group encourage all employees and visitors to bring their own reusable coffee cups to work.

Reducing CO₂

  • Recruit Staffing and Staff Service set annual environmental targets and take measures

  • USG People France encourages employees to use bicycles and has created an eco-driving tutorial.

  • Nearly 100% of the electricity USG People Germany and over 50% of the electricity USG the Netherlands consume are sourced from renewables. This translates annual savings of 232 tons of CO₂ for USG People Germany, and 865 tons of CO₂ for USG People the Netherlands.

Combating Modern Slavery - Advantage Group UK

Modern slavery continues to be a significant issue around the world. Advantage Group UK partnered with one of its clients, a leading international construction company, to combat modern slavery with the appropriate policies and protections.

Together with the client, Advantage and its project team reviewed the company's policies regarding short-term and temporary workforce, and put together a plan to address the issue throughout the client's supply chain. It was agreed that Advantage would develop and manage a supply chain checklist and monitor the process on behalf of the client while the client would adopt both an audit mechanism and awareness training.

Sep 30, 2020

This article is based on information available at the time of publication.