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Indeed is committed to actively combatting discrimination

Lafawn Davis
Vice President of Indeed Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at Indeed

In diversity and inclusion work, one of the best things we can do is examine ourselves as individuals and members of different groups. We each have learned prejudices that we need to acknowledge and unlearn so that our behavior is not harmful to others. We also each participate in systems that may have been built on prejudice and contribute to discrimination.

My team in Indeed's HR department is focused on examining Indeed's cultural impact and internal systems. We work closely with an amazing group of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging business partners and Inclusion Resource Group (IRG) program managers in pursuit of three big goals: removing bias and barriers from our employee lifecycle, building inclusive teams and products, and cultivating a sense of belonging.

I joined Indeed to make an impact on the world by helping people get jobs. Talent is evenly distributed throughout society, but opportunities are not, so we examine and revise Indeed's employee lifecycle-how we attract, recruit, retain, and develop employees-to ensure that our workforce reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. We remain committed to equal pay and promotion opportunities, and we aim to hire people with nontraditional backgrounds so that we can better help other companies do the same. Aligned with this commitment, we recently released our first diversity, inclusion and belonging report. (Click hereTo an external site to view the latest report)

Innovation is only possible when all ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives are welcomed and appreciated. And diverse and inclusive teams produce inclusive products. We created the Global Product Advisory Council (GPAC), which consists of over 100 IRG leaders. The GPAC conducts usability studies, surveys, and product tests, and shares actionable feedback about accessibility, ethics, and sensitivity.

All of the D&I work we do is ongoing and long-term. We are committed to developing better products so that everyone can find the right job.

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*As of June 30, 2020

View the latest data from hereTo an external site.

Indeed's Inclusion Resource Groups

Our employee-led Inclusion Resource Groups are comprised of thoughtful advocates and genuine connectors who are valuable business resources for their areas of focus. Together, Indeed's spirited and open culture permeates across all offices and departments globally, lending a voice and support to broader discussions on challenges and solutions.

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Drive education and awareness around disability inclusion in the workplace and support an environment where all Indeedians can thrive.

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Explore the advantages of a multi-generational workplace through networking, community outreach, and education

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Celebrate and raise awareness about Asian cultures within Indeed, support recruitment and retainment initiatives, and improve the job seeker experience.

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Foster an environment of growth and belonging where members of the African Diaspora and their Allies can connect, promote cultural awareness, and support business imperatives at Indeed.

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Leverage and value international cultures through education, engagement, and global workplace inclusion.

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Celebrate and support LGBTQ+ culture and community both in and outside of the Indeed workplace.

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Unidos, we help the Latinx community and our allies develop and drive change.

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Champion a culture of inclusion through advocacy, development and support for all women at Indeed.

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Support and engage a diverse community of parents and caregivers in a safe and encouraging environment to ensure their success.

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Honor, support, and empower the military community and our allies.

Sep 30, 2020

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