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Glassdoor is promoting workforce diversity and fairness through radical transparency

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Carina Cortez Chief People Officer at Glassdoor

In June 2020, Glassdoor CEO Christian Sutherland-Wong said, "At Glassdoor, we recognize that diversity within our own employee base is essential to the long-term success and vitality of our business. To date, we have fallen short." He followed up by saying, "As a next step, we feel it's important to acknowledge where we are today, share the actions we are taking, and hold ourselves accountable to the kind of change we want to see here at Glassdoor and in the world."

We are tackling this by doing what we do best - promoting transparency, which brings accountability, which then leads to change. We published our inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Transparency Report for the first half of 2020. We believe in radical transparencyTo an external site, we advocate for diverse and equitable workplaces, and so we are committed to publishing an annual update going forward.

We believe this data can be useful to many people, and to these groups in particular:

Job seekers use this information to make more informed job decisions, perhaps to apply to a job here at Glassdoor, or to benchmark our employee data against another company they may be considering.

More employers share employee demographic data and set goals for a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace to drive meaningful, systemic change.

Here at Glassdoor, sharing this information will hold us accountable to improve as we remain committed to a diverse and equitable workplace where people feel they belong.

These are but the first steps we are taking to share our D&I metrics and goals. By being transparent, we will be held accountable for the actions to drive changes that we have committed ourselves to.

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Where we want to be in 2025

2020 2025 Target
Black employees(U.S.) 4% 8%
Latinx employees(U.S.) 5% 10%
Pacific Islander / Native Hawaiian / IndigenousAmerican / Alaska native employees(U.S.) 0.4% 1%
Women in tech(global) 23% 33%
Women in leadership(global) 37% 50%
Belonging(global) 78% 78%+

View the Full ReportTo an external site

How Glassdoor Lives its Commitment

How Glassdoor Hires

Part of building and nurturing a diverse and equitable workplace and culture where people feel they belong starts with bringing a D&I lens to each hiring stage, from job descriptions to sourcing to interviewing and employer branding. Going forward, how Glassdoor will hire includes:

  • Majority of sourcing dedicated to under-represented groups
     - dedicating more than 50% of sourcing efforts, including online advertising campaigns, to focus on under-represented groups.

  • Eliminating bias in job descriptions
    - leveraging technology to review, write, and rewrite all job descriptions, so that the language and messaging included are inclusive and free of bias.

  • Diverse university recruiting
    - creating deeper partnerships and a stronger employer brand among universities with large Black and Hispanic or Latino student bodies, as well as those with a majority of women students.

  • Interviewing standards
    - providing interview and diversity training for executives, recruiters, hiring managers, and employee interviewers to ensure a fair and inclusive interviewing process.

  • ERG meet & greets
    - encouraging candidates to meet with our various employee resource groups (ERGs) to ask questions and get a better sense of what it's like to work at Glassdoor.

  • Glassdoor's employer brand values diversity
    - on the Glassdoor profile on Glassdoor, one section will be dedicated to diversity and regularly updated with information related to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone feels they belong.

  • Testing & trying for success
    - challenging norms and established policies:
    1. Glassdoor is ending the employee referral bonus program. This can lead to attracting like-minded candidates from similar backgrounds
    2. Glassdoor is ending a policy that actively encouraged employees to refer family members and relatives.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee resource groups (ERGs) are designed to support a diverse and inclusive workplace. Employees can celebrate shared cultures, backgrounds and experiences. They also contribute to product improvements, employee policies, and more. As of July 2020, 40% of Glassdoor's 700+ employees are ERG members.

  • BUILD: Blacks united in leadership and development

  • DICE: Diversity, inclusion, community & equity council

  • La Familia: Latinx group

  • Pride: LGBTQ+ group

  • WinG: Women in Glassdoor

  • Asian ERG: Asian group (in development)

Education and Programs

We also offer a variety of training programs, volunteer opportunities and events to further celebrate diversity at Glassdoor. Some of what we provide includes:

  • Equity and diversity trainings

  • Internal speaker series, ranging from How to Be an Ally to Celebrating Black Leaders

  • Employees can take 3 days each year, fully paid, to volunteer in the community or support groups or social causes they are passionate about

Sep 30, 2020

This article is based on information available at the time of publication.