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Autonomy Leads to Growth: Talent Development Initiatives

"Unit Management" encourages discretion and maximizes results

A crucial element in the success of the Staffing SBU, which conducts business in many countries and regions, is the localization of products and services to fit the needs of individual markets. This is possible because the Unit Management System, a style of management that provides individual businesses with the flexibility to make decisions based on their deep knowledge of local client needs and market situation.

The Unit Management System divides an organization into small units based on differences in the markets they serve. Each unit is regarded as if ir is a standalone company and the Unit Manager is given authority to make decisions. This arrangement allows each unit to devise and execute actions to effectively implement our strategic priorities for each market, with the aim of maximizing their local profits.

The system is designed to enhance each Unit Manager's sense of ownership and promote higher-quality decision making. Common challenges and solutions in global markets are distributed among the units to inform their approach to value creation and align their strategies with the larger SBU strategy.

The result is improved productivity and profitability for each unit and the entire SBU.

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Sep 30, 2020

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