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Putting organizational psychology at the heart of the recruitment process: Chandler Macleod

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The BestFit™ methodology combines the best recruitment strategies with psychometric tools to provide a better fit for job candidates and employers

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have found the shift to remote or hybrid working environments challenging. While team members can still virtually interact with one another, it can be easy for companies to lose the elements that create a supportive and team-focused work culture. Chandler Macleod, Australia's leading recruitment job employment agency, has developed an approach that helps job candidates better fit into the work cultures. Here is how this method works, with the comments and explanation of Jessica Taniran, Consultant Psychologist, Chandler Macleod People Insights, who runs the BestFit™ training for the consultants.

Increasing needs for work culture fit

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only created uncertainty for individuals and businesses—it's accelerated changes in the world of work. Businesses and job candidates need more clarity and accuracy from the recruitment process. Job candidates in an increasingly competitive job market want to be matched to opportunities that will foster their passion and ambition. Employers, meanwhile, need to be able to look past the skills and experience listed on a CV to really see if a candidate is the right fit—especially now that work styles incorporate less direct supervision. It's more important than ever that companies pay attention to how prospective employees fit into their organizational culture, management style, and team environment in order to prevent turnover.

Since 1959, Chandler Macleod has been applying the principles of organizational psychology to the challenge of matching job candidates with the right companies. Today, Chandler Macleod has over 30 organizational psychologists (more than any other privately owned organization in Australia) who help clients delve deeper into the mindsets of potential employees, and Chandler Macleod assesses 24,000 people each year. This emphasis on organizational psychology, underpinned by Chandler Macleod's BestFit™ methodology, makes the company uniquely positioned to help employers navigate the current global recruitment market.

The BestFit™ methodology is at the heart of everything Chandler Macleod does— helping to explain the complexity of human behavior and performance in the workplace using psychological principles. Jessica said, "This will help us to continue increasing the accuracy of our alignment of people and roles, and create engaged and happier employees."

For better understanding of the candidates

One feature of the BestFit™ methodology is a personality assessment tool called Helix, which is used to understand a candidate's potential job performance. Through Helix, consultants can delve deeper into an applicant's personality traits to better understand their key motivators and work styles, and determine if these align with the role or environment they are applying for. Chandler Macleod consultants then discuss the findings with their clients, and explain how a candidate would likely behave in a specific environment or situation.

This objective assessment of the suitability of a particular candidate removes the guesswork and provides clients with a cost-effective and time-efficient solution at any stage of the recruitment process. For this reason, many companies have sought out Chandler Macleod to utilize Helix for their own operations.

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A sample of a BestFit™ report

Understanding how personalities impact all

BestFit™ has been applied to every interaction between consultants, clients, and candidates. As a response to the evolving needs of its clients, Chandler Macleod is also working toward certifying all of its consultants through the new BestFit™ Accreditation Program. Chandler Macleod's consultants are trained to enhance their understanding of the psychometric assessment, including the science behind the assessment and the BestFit™ methodology and how to interpret reports for their clients. All Chandler Macleod consultants are equipped to interpret the data produced by these tools and direct candidates to the right opportunities.

Although the rollout of the accreditation program is still in its early stages and the methodology is improving itself day by day, we started to hear great feedback and signs of success already from clients and consultants.

Clients commented that the new approach has already helped increase recruitment efficiency. "The feedback we are getting from recruiters and consultants that have been able to demonstrate this to our clients is very positive. It is a real differentiator from our competitors and it is really appealing to companies, especially those that are struggling with high churn. BestFit™ is showing how we are able to go the extra mile for clients," said Jessica.

Chandler Macleod realized that the methodology benefits job candidates as well. "We're finding that more candidates have become willing to engage in psychometric assessments this year," said Jamie Greer, the consulting general manager at Chandler Macleod. It indicates that they find the personality analysis and BestFit™ methodology quite useful and efficient, especially because it will help them find their ideal work environment and prevent stressful and sometimes wasteful efforts.

Chandler Macleod believes that they will be able to aid the success of both candidates and clients by placing people into the right roles for them, and finding businesses the right people for their work environment.

Jessica Taniran

Jessica Taniran

Consultant Psychologist, Chandler Macleod People Insights

As a Consultant Psychologist with Chandler Macleod People Insights, Jessica specializes in the interpretation of psychometric assessment for selection and development. Additionally, she is responsible for designing and delivering HR Consulting projects, including succession planning programs, assessment and development centers, and facilitating training workshops. Jessica is skilled in the provision of outplacement coaching for front-line staff from a range of industries.

Jessica completed her bachelor's degree in psychology at Griffith University, finishing with First Class Honours, then went on to complete her Masters in Organisational Psychology.

May 19, 2021

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