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Message from Chris Hyams, CEO of Indeed FY2021

We help people get jobs.

"We help people get jobs." This mission is what gets us out of bed in the morning and what keeps us up at night. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been primarily concerned with two things: 1) the health and safety of their families and communities, and 2) jobs. The staggering job loss around the world as a result of the pandemic has been breathtaking. For Indeed, this has made our mission more vital than ever.

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Chris Hyams Indeed CEO

During these challenging times, we turned our focus and considerable resources towards the most urgent needs of job seekers and employers. We built and launched Indeed Interview, a new video interview solution to help people interview safely and effectively. We hosted thousands of free virtual hiring eventsTo an external site to connect job seekers and employers who were urgently hiring. We leveraged our data and technology to build new systems for large organizations staffing up for health care and other essential services, also for free.

We did all of this because it's our mission "We help people get jobs." We were challenged and inspired to solve the great problems of the moment. Our vision at Indeed is to make getting a job as simple and fast as pushing a button. The result of our efforts throughout the pandemic has taken us one step closer to this vision. That result is the Indeed Hiring Platform.To an external site

For a job seeker, getting a job is slow, complicated, and impersonal. They apply to dozens, or even hundreds of jobs. They wait and wait, and in most cases, they never hear back from employers. They have no idea where they stand.

With the Indeed Hiring Platform, job seekers get matched to a job on Indeed, take a quick assessment with objective qualifications, and immediately find if they meet those qualifications. If they do, they can schedule an interview instantly. If they don't, we can help them find another job that's a better match. They can interview with the employer directly on Indeed, bringing the search and video interview experience all into one place. This is the biggest innovation for job seekers in a decade. I believe we will look back on this shift like when we first entered our credit card on a web page to buy something and had it delivered to our front door.

The Indeed Hiring Platform also has huge benefits for employers. Nearly 80% of recruiting is spent on administrative tasks like reviewing applications and scheduling interviews. The Indeed Hiring Platform automates the process of finding, screening, and scheduling interviews with qualified candidates. With employers spending less time on manual processes, they have more time to engage with candidates - bringing the human connection back to the hiring process. On top of the time saving benefits, the Indeed Hiring Platform helps employers reach a huge pool of job seekers thanks to the partnership between Indeed and our sister company Glassdoor.

In every decision about our products and our business, we put job seekers first. Every Indeed employee is driven by our mission and our focus on the job seeker. Throughout the pandemic, we have been more inspired than ever to help people get back on their feet and get back to work. This moment in history has been transformative as we have dug deep to deliver the greatest innovation since our company began.

Our vision to simplify hiring is large and complex, and the work is never done. So far, we have hosted over half a million interviews on our platform, and we are excited for the global expansion now underway. We have changed the way people get jobs all over the world forever, but looking at the opportunity ahead, it feels like we are just getting started.

Aug 16, 2021

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