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Message from Yoshihiro Kitamura, Head of Media & Solutions SBU FY2021

10 years from now: Becoming an indispensable presence in society

Today, the Media & Solutions Strategic Business Unit (Media & Solutions SBU) helps individual users make better decisions across a number of areas in life: employment/jobs, housing and real estate, education, automobiles, weddings, travel, dining, and beauty. At the same time, we are helping business clients better reach individual users and operate more efficiently. For example, we are helping business clients to better understand their individual users through our rich data assets. In addition, we support business clients in these various industry verticals by providing access to SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions - better known as our Air BusinessTools. We aim to solve all kinds of problems in the industrial world faster and more effectively. This is our mission.

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Yoshihiro Kitamura Managing Executive Officer Head of Media & Solutions SBU President and Representative Director of Recruit Co. Ltd.

Over the past few months, the Media & Solutions SBU has been working hard to bring its main subsidiaries together. The goal has been to help these unique companies better share business know-how and tap into the expertise of the talent pool within Recruit. Alongside the operational benefits, we have also brought these businesses together to improve client satisfaction among Japanese small and medium-sized companies. With this move, we believe we are better positioned to help improve labor productivity in Japan, and we're excited for this new start.

As a business unit that is focused on life events, we have had a front row seat to see how the pandemic has shifted social systems, lifestyles, and of course the way we work. But in the midst of all this, some powerful signs of change have emerged. Business meetings and interviews are now taking place online, and it allows us to get new business connections more easily, freeing us from the constraints of location and time. Although face-to-face interactions are more limited, the values to be provided to society are reevaluated and the use of technology is becoming more sophisticated, allowing people to focus on more essential tasks.

I believe that if workers could focus solely on the work that creates values, society would develop in a new way. If we can use data and technology to simplify our work so that we can focus on our essential mission, we can spend our time in more rich and meaningful ways.

In 10 years from now, we hope that people from all industries will be happy with Recruit's services, and think of us as an indispensable presence in society that provides more "Opportunities for Life."

Aug 26, 2021

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