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Message from Christian Sutherland-Wong, CEO of Glassdoor FY2021

We offer workplace transparency to help people find a job and company they love

Thirteen years ago, we launched a business that provides people with company information directly from those who know a company best, the employees, with the hope of helping them find a job and company they love. At the time, people could not easily learn what it was really like to work at a company, how much they might get paid or what the interview process was like. What was lacking in the employment industry and across workplaces everywhere was transparency. In fact, increasing workplace transparency is what Glassdoor was built on and remains at our core. It can help people understand what it is really like to work at a company, it allows them to make more informed decisions and it empowers companies to become better employers.

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Christian Sutherland-Wong CEO, Glassdoor

Over this past year, we saw the world of work dramatically shift during the pandemic and Glassdoor responded quickly to support the changing needs of job seekers, employees and employers. We added several featuresTo an external site to help people when they needed us most. To help job seekers during this tough time, we worked hard to help people easily find companies that were actively hiring, that were highly rated for wellness and mental health benefits, and offered the ability to work from home.

In addition, while the pandemic persisted, we also witnessed a sharper focus and more attention on issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion in our society. On Glassdoor, we saw a significant increase in employees talking about diversity, inclusion and social justice issues and many employees made it clear that they wanted deeper insights into whether companies were really as diverse and inclusive as they claimed. As the worldwide leader on insights about jobs and companies, we knew we had an opportunity to create a change and build a solution to help. Today, millions of people can now get a sense of how diverse a company really is, or not, by seeing a company's Diversity and Inclusion ratingTo an external site on Glassdoor, which represents current employee sentiment on how the company is doing on its diversity and inclusion efforts. In addition, we've started to collect demographics from employees, which now allows us to display company ratings, pay data and moreTo an external site by gender identity, race/ethnicity and other demographic groups. Employers are also using this data to improve and see how they compare in terms of their own diversity and inclusion programs and efforts.

While all of this recent work represents just some of how Glassdoor is bringing even more transparency to workplaces, our vision today goes one step beyond where we've come from and what we've built to date. Now, our vision is to bring radical transparencyTo an external site to workplaces everywhere.

In a world where more employees have options into where to work and where many will no longer need to go into an office to work, it's clear the needs of today's job seekers and employees have evolved significantly. Today, they want flexibility. They want to feel connected to their employer and its mission. They want to know they belong. And they want to have conversations with peers, ask questions, connect with colleagues they no longer see and find communities where they can grow their careers, no matter where they are in the world. To put it simply, to be able to find the right job and company today, job seekers and employees need access to even more information.

To meet this rising need in the new world of work, Glassdoor will continue to bring radical transparency to workplaces in support of our mission to help people find a job and company they love. While we've changed the world of work over the past 13 years, there is still much more ahead and our work is far from over.

Sep 7, 2021

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