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Promoting the Adoption of Working from Home for Temp Staff in Japan

Expanding the Possibilities of Work

Since 2019, Saeko Hirata, the manager of the SmartWork Development Department at Recruit Staffing, has been focused on promoting "working from home for temps," a work style accommodation that allows temporary staff to work from home. The idea of working from home for temps was conceived in 2018 when Michiko Shimizu of the Legal Department and Saeko proposed it for Recruit Staffing's new business proposal system, Workstyle Maker's SEEDS. According to a survey by Recruit Staffing, the working from home implementation rate of temporary staff in Japan had been historically low before then. However, with the rise of working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Saeko and the sales representatives are encouraging more companies to consider adopting working from home for temps. Watch this video to learn more about Saeko's desire to expand the possibilities of work, and hear the stories of temporary staff who have benefitted from having the option to work from home.

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Saeko Hirata

Manager, SmartWork Development Department, Recruit Staffing Co., Ltd.

Joining Recruit in1985. Then a transfer to Recruit Staffing in 2004. After a spell as Sales Manager, she was tasked with overseeing the Engagement Promotion Department. Being appointed Manager of the SmartWork Promotion Office in 2019.

Sep 3, 2021

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