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Intellectual capital for developing Recruit Group's corporate culture and businesses: Knowledge


FORUM is a major event for sharing professional knowledge across the Group. By sharing initiatives that are highly novel and versatile, the event aims to create new value and play a role in accelerating the growth of each employee in the entire Recruit Group. We broadly share nominated cases selected in four expertise categories though nominees' TED-style presentations and panel discussions with external experts.

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Number of Participants in Each Category of FORUM


Growth Forum (business development and improvement) Engine Forum (IT and other technologies) Guardian Forum (business foundation) Top Gun Forum (client relationships)
Number of event participants 798 529 426 1,079
Number of joint event participants 106 -- 110 156
Number of live broadcast viewers 904 -- -- 307
Number of presenters 13 16 8 14

Oct 25, 2017

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