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Sustainability (Recruit Holdings case studies)

Employment Support / Supporting Young People / Career Education Support

iction! Kamuba! (Comeback!)

This free service helps women prepare for their return to work with the aim of balancing work with childcare. It offers advice based on their week of pregnancy, stories about working mothers, and a list of tasks to consider, among other content. A total of 200,000 people have used the service as of March 31, 2017. In December 2016, Recruit launched a management support service for managers who have soon-to-be-mothers under their supervision.

Honki no Shushoku / WORKFIT program

This is a free employment support program for young people started in 2011 that relies on the knowledge of the HR business. It entails two programs: "4-Day Group Work", which focuses on practical skills for working in groups, and "1-Day Seminar", which is a 1-day intensive course on self-promotion and interviewing skills.

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Recruit Holdings held the free job search support program, Honki no Shushoku / WORKFIT at the University of Economics and Finance in Vietnam in February 2016 and at the King Mongkut's Institute of Technology in Thailand in October 2016. Students seeking jobs participated in these free programs (47 persons in Vietnam, 180 in Thailand), which focus on preparing for interviews. In Japan, the program is provided to about 4,000 people annually, as well as being provided for free to young people leaving juvenile correctional facilities with the aim of helping them to achieve autonomy. These programs are both capable of boosting participants' self-confidence and matching people with human resource needs at companies. Around 23,000 people have participated in the programs since they started in 2011. We will continue to help young people find work by nurturing self-confidence in their ability to find jobs around the world.

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FY2014 FY2015 FY2016
Number of program participants Total persons 4,173 4,696 3,994
School events 1,371 1,371 1,893
NPO events 865 1,194 1,541
Recruit events 1,927 2,131 560
Number of partner organizations University 52 61 82
NPO 54 70 74

The Ezoe Memorial Foundation

The Ezoe Memorial Foundation was established in 1971 on the 10th founding anniversary of the Company, as an initiative for contributing to society by supporting people who demonstrate leadership, who are highly motivated with curiosity, and who show strong potential for the future. Since then, the foundation has conducted activities including provision of scholarships for 622 people in total. 

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Recently, the activities have focused on supporting young people globally active in the fields of music, arts, and sports. In fiscal year 2016, the foundation sponsored 13 scholarship students in the field of music, 15 in the field of sports, 3 in the field of contemporary art, and 13 in the field of academia. At the same time, to mark our 45th founding anniversary, we held the Ezoe Memorial Foundation 45th Anniversary Concert at Suntory Hall on September 8. Five graduates in the instrument and singing field and four current scholarship students gave performances.


In this program, streamed online for free, teachers give two lessons to junior high school students before and one after their workplace experience activity, which is conducted as part of their general study course. Students use Recruit Jobs' job-posting media TOWNWORK as a text and learn about interviewing and preparing copy before their workplace experience and then compile student-edited versions of Recruit's TOWNWORK magazine, using copy centered on their feelings of what it was like to have worked. Copies of the TOWNWORK Junior High School Edition are distributed locally.

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Diversity / Work-Life Balance / Work Style Innovation

And's On-Site Daycare Center

We set up the on-site daycare center And's in January 2008 in the same building as Recruit's headquarters to enable the workers who want to develop their career after maternity leave to return to work, following the issue of a shortage of daycare centers especially in the Greater Tokyo Area. Since the center opened, the proportion of women returning to work and the ratio of working mothers among female employees have increased. As of April 2017, 22.7% of female employees (about one in five) are working mothers. Recruit has also concluded corporate contracts with childcare providers to meet needs for flexible approaches to childcare support. Support is provided to employees through such ways as waiving membership fees.

Employee Diversity Penetration Survey

Recruit Holdings conducts annual surveys of 11 Group companies in Japan to monitor the penetration of diversity. The survey for employees has approximately 12,000 respondents, with a response rate of 83%. This enables us to achieve an appropriate understanding of the issues and helps to implement initiatives across multiple companies. The survey has given rise to various initiatives, such as support for male employees balancing childcare with work.


Japan Partnership Award

The Japan Partnership Award recognizes distinctive collaborative projects between unique companies and NPOs that have made an impact on society. Our free job finding support program for young people, Honki no Shushoku, received the Young People's Support Prize in March 2017. We received the award in recognition of our collaboration with the NPO Support Station, which is a gathering point for young people searching for jobs. Recruit Holdings provided the station with support materials.

J-Win Diversity Award

The J-Win Diversity Award seeks to accelerate diversity and inclusion in companies by recognizing the efforts of companies that are leading the way in this field. Recruit Holdings was awarded the "Corporate Award Advanced Division Grand Prize" for the third time in March 2017, to acknowledge its measures for diversity that included initiatives for promoting active participation of women and work style innovation, as well as efforts that look beyond gender issues.

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Environmental Preservation

Planting Trees in Australia

Recruit Group established a local subsidiary in Australia to plant trees, thinking of contributing by growing trees ourselves rather than simply using paper, as a company that consumes paper.

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Community Contribution/Donations

Regional Revitalization Project

Recruit Holdings grapples with regional issues in Japan such as rapid depopulation and an advancing super-aged society. In fiscal year 2016, we concluded a business collaboration agreement with Kochi Prefecture, and conducted a new business development program, Recruit Ventures, on the theme of regional revitalization. All Group employees can apply for the program, aiming to create businesses that can resolve regional issues through considerations in the fieldwork and workshops in Kochi Prefecture.

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Gallery Operation

To help revitalize local communities and support young artists, Recruit Holdings operates two art galleries primarily focused on graphic design and photography in Ginza, Tokyo, where Recruit was founded. We hold the charity exhibitions every year.

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Nov 7, 2017

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