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Sustainability (Staffing case studies)

Employment Support / Supporting Young People / Career Education Support

Advantage Resourcing—Employment Support

Advantage Resourcing team members conduct volunteer activities at shelters for homeless people in Chicago. They hold workshops to help people write resumes, prepare for interviews, and search job sites. They also provide information to homeless people on which websites to use.

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Chandler Macleod—Helping disadvantaged women re-enter the workforce

Chandler Macleod supports women to return to the workforce by providing training to improve interview skills and CV-writing. The company also provides financial support through donations.

USG People—Restart

USG People provides employment opportunities for people with mental or physical disabilities. The company has created positions for 1,000 people with disabilities in the Netherlands and 850 in France.

USG People—Refugees

USG People distributed pamphlets and held events to provide information about finding a job to refugees from Iraq, Syria, and Eritrea to help them find safe and stable lives.

USG People—100 Opportunities 100 Jobs

This program was created to help young people from 18 of 30 years of age to find a sustainable job. The program offers career advice and recruitment interview simulations, as well as connecting them with a network of companies.

Peoplebank—RMIT Scholarship

Peoplebank launched a scholarship program to provide financial support for the first year of study to women aiming to attend RMIT University in Melbourne Australia.

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Diversity / Work-Life Balance / Work Style Innovation

Peoplebank—Programs for Diversity Initiatives

Peoplebank is actively promoting initiatives for diversity, such as actively appointing female managers and executive leaders and conducting training programs designed to uncover the potential of female employees.

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Besides women's success, Peoplebank promotes flexible working arrangements to be able to balance work and personal life, taking into consideration all the various circumstances that people are in. Peoplebank offers various options such as 3 or 4 working days a week, short working hours, and working from home, so that employees can choose according to individual circumstances.


The CSI Companies—Best of Staffing® Client Award and Talent Award for Five Consecutive Years

The CSI Companies has received the Client Award and the Talent Award in the Best of Staffing® Ranking for five consecutive years. The award recognizes agencies that provide outstanding client services in the staffing industry in North America.

Staffmark—Best in Staffing-Client Diamond Award

Staffmark has been awarded the Best of Staffing® Client Award for six years in a row, and has recently been awarded the Best of Staffing® Talent Award. The award recognizes companies who provide outstanding client services to their clients and temporary/contract employees. Fewer than 2% of all staffing firms in North America receive this prestigious award. To recognize six years of success, Staffmark also received the Client Diamond Award.

Peoplebank—Best Employer of Choice for Gender Equality

Peoplebank has been awarded for a fifth consecutive year (2012-2016) for championing gender equality by the Australian Government's Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).

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Peoplebank—Best Recruitment Company to Work For (Large Organization)

In 2017, Peoplebank received the award for "Best Recruitment Company to Work For" at the Recruitment International Awards. The Company was recognized for its investment in staff development, including its online learning platform available to all staff and its training program for developing leadership skills.

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Chandler Macleod—atWork Australia

Chandler Macleod was selected as Champion Employer of 2017 at the "atWork Australia" event for awarding employers who are supporting Australians' lifestyles through long-term sustainable employment.

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USG People − Best Multinational Workplace in Europe 2017

USG People achieved 14th place in the ranking of multinational companies in Europe. It is Europe's largest survey ranking with over 1.5 million employees participating from a total of 2,340 companies in four sectors.

Environmental Preservation

The CSI Companies—Reducing Paper Use

The CSI Companies have eliminated the use of most paper documents in their back-office operations and adopted electronic documentation wherever possible. This enables all employees to access documents, saving around ¥9 million each year in paper costs.

USG People—Reducing CO2 Emissions from Mobility

USG People aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by focusing on mobility, which accounts for around 85% of the Company's emissions. The Company is aiming to reduce the use of cars for transport and provides electric scooters and bicycles at its branches.

Community Contribution/Donations

Advantage Resourcing—Volunteer for Local Community

In the Flint, Michigan community, employees conducted volunteer activities by distributing safe water and nutritious foods to the community for the purpose of securing the safety of local resident's health.

The CSI Companies—CSI Gives Back

The CSI Companies conducts social contribution programs in the communities where it has business operations. The various programs include event sponsorship, volunteer activities, and fundraising.

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Staffmark—Employees' Volunteering Opportunities

As a way to give back to the communities the Company serves, Staffmark created a volunteer program where full-time employees are given paid time off to use in volunteering activities. Staffmark team members have worked at community food banks, helped with home builds, cleaned community gardens, helped rebuild schools, and much more.

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Nov 8, 2017

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