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Employment Support / Supporting Young People / Career Education Support

Recruit Career—HELPMAN JAPAN

The objective of this project is to increase the number of workers in the nursing care industry through (1) branding (disseminate information to improve the position of nursing care staff), (2) hiring support (hiring knowhow seminars, staff introductions, etc.), and (3) improving job retention (develop staff training, support acquisition of qualifications, etc.).

Recruit Staffing—Ability Staffing

This program helps people with disabilities find work (staff placement and introductions). Psychiatric social workers support the physical and mental well-being of the people for a certain period in order to enable them to have stable, long-term employment.


This program helps mothers find work for free. At the seminars, they discover tips for identifying their strengths, work styles that fit their circumstances, and alleviate concerns and worries about working while raising children. Coordinators guide the counseling there as well.

Recruit Career—Shushoku Shop

Shushoku Shop is a job placement service that helps young job seekers find job openings for full-time positions that do not require prior experience. 

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The service 1) does not select based on documents, 2) conducts interviews of all job seekers to ascertain their character, 3) gathers information on companies that believe in the potential of young people through direct interviews with each company and provides information and 4) supports job seekers' general job search activities through model interviews and so forth, while nurturing their readiness to work, thereby encouraging them to recover confidence and take the first step to discover their potential in society. Currently, the service operates at nine locations in the Greater Tokyo Area and Kansai. Today, approximately 95,000 young people have used the service.

Recruit Lifestyle—Maji★bu

Maji★bu is a platform that supports youth activities. For example, Snow Magic 19 offers 19-year-old youth free ski lift tickets as a way of inviting young people to rural areas. With the Maji★bu app, various inspiring experiences are provided for free with age restrictions, including skiing and snowboarding, J.league, golf, hot springs, and so forth. While providing opportunities for youth to gain valuable experiences, the Maji★bu platform helps revitalize regional economies.

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Recruit Career / Recruit Marketing Partners—KidZania Sponsor

KidZania is a place where children can try doing a job of their choice to experience work while playing. Recruit Group has a "Work Consultation Center" pavilion operated by Recruit Career and a "Wedding Ceremony" where children can experience being a wedding planner and acting as a new bride and groom operated by Recruit Marketing Partners. 

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At the Work Consultation Center, an adult supervisor consults with children who are not sure what work they would like to try in KidZania town, and gives them guidance. At the Wedding Ceremony, children enjoy the occasion for congratulating one another through the processes of performing a wedding ceremony.

Recruit Jobs—TOWNWORK Workbook

Using the knowledge they gained in the job advertisement business, employees teach elementary school pupils the benefits of working and offer them opportunities to think about their own career paths. The children interview working adults, write reports and publish their own version of TOWNWORK, edited by elementary school students.

Diversity / Work-Life Balance / Work Style Innovation

Major Recruit Group Companies in Japan—Promoting Diversity

Recruit Group sets female success promotion, a big issue in Japanese society, as a central theme and takes a variety of measures to promote work-life balance and empower employees. Since 2016, Recruit Group has introduced remote working systems and other innovations to work styles, promoting individual growth regardless of gender.

Major Recruit Group Companies in Japan—Recruit Group: Diversity for ALL Project Be a DIVER!

In 2016, Recruit Group launched the Diversity for ALL Project "Be a DIVER!" with the aim of drawing out the abilities of each employee by emphasizing diversity. Through this project, we have invited guests from inside and outside the Company to give lectures and lead discussions with employees about empowering female employees and a diverse range of other topics, such as balancing work for men raising children, LGBT issues, and working while providing nursing care, in order to promote an enlightenment among employees. These discussions are generally held each month or every other month, and are open to all employees. An email magazine offering a detailed report of the content of the discussions is distributed to around 30,000 Group employees in Japan, to provide a structure for continuing to share the latest information about the significance and specific initiatives of diversity. The insights gained through these initiatives are disseminated both internally and externally through the website and seminars for outside the Company. For example, we invited guest speakers to seminars from advanced companies and international human rights NGOs, as well as relevant parities from inside and outside Recruit Group, to discuss the theme of creating corporate cultures that make it easy for people of sexual minorities to work. In addition to imparting basic knowledge, the seminars also encouraged participants to think independently and discuss together about how to reflect this awareness in system revisions as well as products and services. In this way, the seminars provided a place for noticing new things and coming up with new proposals.

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Major Recruit Group Companies in Japan—Recruit Group: the female management training program Women's Leadership Program

A Group survey conducted in 2012 revealed that about 70% of male employees wanted a promotion at work, whereas only 40% of female employees expressed the same goal. In light of the outcome of this survey, Recruit Group launched the Women's Leadership Program in fiscal year 2013, for female employees who are candidates for management positions. In this program, management-class people accompany and foster them in one-on-one training for a half-year period.

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Recruit Group—Career Cafe 28

Recruit Group has offered a program that supports career development of female employees, who are going to have life events, in response to their request. The program holds educational events with external instructors and senior colleagues to explore ways of increasing one's own options whenever major life events occur. Career Cafe 28 BOSS is a management training program for supervisors of female employees to learn practical management which accelerates the growth of their female coworkers.

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Recruit Sumai Company—SUUMO LGBT Friendly Initiatives

Apartments for rent listed on the SUUMO service can now be searched using a special filter called "LGBT Friendly". LGBT Friendly properties are ones whose owners have decided to proactively show that they will not refuse a potential tenant because they are LGBT. Providing this information makes it easier for LGBT people to search for housing. The Company has also set up a special website called SUUMO for LGBT.

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Major Recruit Companies in Japan—Initiatives for LGBT People

At Recruit Staffing, we received the Gold award in the PRIDE Index, an evaluation index set up by the voluntary organization "work with Pride" that measures corporate initiatives taken for sexual minorities such as LGBT people. By conducting in-house training for management and recruiting officers as well as distributing information in our email magazine to employees, we have been working to create a supportive system for all people to "be themselves" in their work. In April 2017, we started applying certain personnel systems, such as benefits for spouses and their families, to partners of the same sex at nine Group companies.

Major Recruit Group Companies in Japan—Work Style Innovation Project

With this project, we are taking on the challenge of creating innovative work styles with the aim of rediscovering ways to work and spurring changes in work styles across society, through our challenge of work style innovation to solve issues in Japan, such as a declining working population, weak productivity and declining birthrates. For example, in January 2016, Recruit Holdings introduced a full-fledged remote work system for all employees, freeing them from a specific office. We established satellite offices in 40 locations around Tokyo to enable employees to work near their homes or places they are visiting. Some of the satellite offices have full-time childcare staff and kids' rooms where employees can leave their children while they work. Through these and other initiatives, we are strengthening our measures to put into practice flexible work styles for employees. Furthermore, as we gain experience through trialing various ideas, we are publishing both our successes and our failures outside the Company.

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Major Recruit Group Companies in Japan—Remote Work

The remote work system has been introduced at five Group companies, and is used by approximately 4,000 employees. At certain Group companies, the remote work system has been introduced for all classes of employee, even temporary workers, with no limit on the number of days that it can be used.

Recruit Group Companies—Family Day

Recruit Group Companies hold a Family Day for the families of employees based on the idea that employees will be more motivated when their families gain a better understanding of their jobs and support them in their endeavors. This initiative provides opportunities to promote children's understanding for their parents at work and strengthen family bonds, as well as the Company has an opportunity to say thank you to the families of its employees.

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Recruit Communications / Recruit Marketing Partners—Support for Employees Raising Children

In 2016, Recruit Communications and Recruit Marketing Partners introduced mandatory childcare leave for male employees (at least five days leave must be taken). The system enables male employees to concentrate on childcare while taking paid leave, and smoothly balance childcare and work after that. It reflects our consideration that having male employees also participate in childcare and housework, rather than only female employees, will help to encourage women to return to work and take on active roles.


Recruit Lifestyle / Recruit Communications—Cannes Lions 2017

Seem, a smartphone app that lets men check the health of their own sperm, won four awards in two divisions, in addition to the Mobile Grand Prix award, at the Cannes Lions 2017 festival, one of the world's largest awards recognizing excellence in advertising and communications.

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Environmental Preservation

Major Recruit Group Companies in Japan—Environmental Preservation

Recruit Group has established its environmental vision, "more eco more smile", and set up an environmental management system. We also monitors its CO2 emissions and environmental efficiency indicators. We are promoting this vision through four themes: 1) Eco-action through our business activities, 2) Steps to prevent climate change, 3) Recycling, pollution prevention, and biodiversity preservation, and 4) Fostering employee eco-awareness and support for their actions.

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Recruit Sumai Company—Environmental Education via SUUMO

The SUUMO website has web pages hosting editorial articles and introductions to real estate companies and properties for consumers choosing a home or thinking about remodeling. Through these pages, it promotes environmentally friendly housing and lifestyles, as well as introduces the efforts of real estate companies to conserve energy.

Recruit Communications—Eco Information Magazine Publication

Recruit Group takes various measures publishing its free magazines, such as using the thinnest paper possible, reducing deliveries by trucks to cut CO2 emissions, and recycling leftover waste into cardboard boxes.

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Recruit Technologies—Making Servers More Efficient

For the servers and other infrastructure behind the services offered by Recruit Group, Recruit Technologies promotes drastic consolidation to using less equipment, reduction of the number of servers, and replacement of servers with the latest energy-saving models.

Community Contribution/Donations

Major Recruit Group Companies in Japan—Volunteer Activities

In August 2011, Recruit Holdings created a leave system for volunteers (paid vacation up to five days a year). We also have a system for paying a portion of the expenses incurred by employees volunteering to help, as a way of supporting the continuation of volunteer activities.

Major Recruit Group Companies in Japan—Matching Gift Program

We set up the Matching Gift Program to support the social contribution activities carried out voluntarily by individual executives and employees. Under the system, when executives or employees donate to a certain organization, we provide a matching donation.

Recruit Sumai Company—Green Curtain

Recruit Sumai Company has been conducting an initiative since 2011 to spread "green curtains", which are walls of green plants, to prevent a temperature rise. In 2017, along with the NPO Green Curtain, we installed green curtains at 270 temporary housing units in Mashiki Town, Kumamoto Prefecture, an area that had been damaged by earthquakes.

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Recruit Management Solutions—Pro Bono Activities

Aiming to realize a society where individuals and organizations synergistically increase value, Recruit Management Solutions supports the pro bono activities of employees as a measure of proactively giving back to society through the skills and knowledge they accumulated at work.

*This article is an excerpt from Annual Report 2017 and may not be the latest information. Please check the latest updates.

Nov 8, 2017

This article is based on information available at the time of publication.