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How top employer Indeed advocates for great recruitment and workplace culture

At Indeed, we help people get jobs, but it's more than just our mission. It's a promise that extends to all our employees, as well as our client companies and job seekers. We've fostered a collaborative workplace that shares an energy and enthusiasm for creating the best experience for job seekers. People who are truly dedicated to improving the recruitment journey through real stories and real data, all the while having fun in the process. As a result, we have continually been recognized as a top workplace as we aspire to set an example for employers as the best place to work in the world.

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Paul Wolfe, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Indeed Paul oversees all HR functions for Indeed, including talent acquisition, employee retention, compensation, benefits and employee development.

A mission to engage employees

At Indeed, our mission "to help people get jobs" is the driving force of our company. Everything about our business and culture flows from that core message. It's a promise that keeps our employees passionate, engaged and focused because they know exactly what they're working toward and how to accomplish that goal.

Building a sustainable culture

With over 5,600 employees globally, we continue to build a sustainable corporate culture by staying committed to three areas: environment, benefits and perks, and communication. We have designed our offices to promote an open, collaborative culture. To further promote collaboration, we have invested in Inclusion Resource Groups for all employees, and support volunteer efforts focused on our mission of helping people get jobs. Lastly, we strongly believe in open communication and transparency, and offer multiple channels for two-way dialogue between employees and senior leaders.

Making an impact

We believe that by advancing a strong, action-minded 'best place to work' culture, we are providing employees with career advancement and greater opportunities to make an impact. This culture not only allows us to attract and retain top candidates as we continue to grow, but it supports our success by motivating our overall commitment to promoting a positive job search and workplace experience for all.

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Jan 23, 2018

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