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WORKFIT program held at RGF Thailand!

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Aki Ishii、Planning and Management Office, International Recruitment Business, Recruit Holdings, Ltd.played the role of facilitator along with the participants.

The program was held in Thailand for the first time, following Vietnam.

"WORKFIT program"(Japanese "Honki no Shushoku" ), Recruit Holdings' social contribution activity, which has developed from our mission "Realizing a society where all young people can follow their hearts in working" was implemented at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology in Thailand in October 2016, and about 180 university students participated in total. The same program was also held in Vietnam in 2015, so Thailand was the 3rd country where the program was implemented, including Japan.

WORKFIT Program addresses common issues for young people in Thailand and Japan

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Although there are some differences in social and economic environment between Thailand and Japan, issues for young people who are in the middle of seeking for jobs are common. One of the issues is a feeling of not being good at self-promotion. Some university student made comments such as, "I joined this program to prepare for interviews. As I have no experience of working after graduating from university, I would like to learn the skill of explaining myself at job interviews to get companies interested in me," or "Because I have never participated in such a job-interview program, this is a good opportunity to learn how interviews are conducted, how I should answer questions, as well as the way of self-introduction and what my good and bad points are."

In the WORKFIT program, as one of the elements necessary to follow their hearts in working, participants will have training to search for common aspects (or connection) between their own abilities and the abilities required for working, as well as to tell interviewers their findings in simple words. By doing so, the ability to receive interviews will surprisingly improve in a short time and the motivation toward interviews will increase. 92.1% of the students who participated in the program this time responded and said "Now I feel positive toward interviews."

A professor at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology also gave the comment that "it was an opportunity for students to realize their positions before working after graduation. The atmosphere was very good while I was watching students who actually participated. It is a good chance for them to express their opinions and present their ideas without feeling tense."

Enabling more people to develop themselves through working and to flourish

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Recruit Group has developed its business to support "working" across the world. In the future, we will develop activities enabling more people to develop themselves through working and to flourish in their communities.

WORKFIT program in Thailand

Feb 15, 2017

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