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How Indeed builds a workplace environment for collaboration and business success

Indeed currently operates 27 offices in 14 countries. As a fast growing company, multiple workplace projects are always running concurrently, including site selection, leasing, design, construction, relocations and expansions.

Reflecting culture and the needs of employees

At Indeed, we believe authenticity is essential. A physical office space should reflect the company's culture and employees' needs, as this can play an important role in employee engagement. Two main factors encompassing our office design are brand values and company culture. Overall, Indeed's design aesthetic is organic and not overtly branded. Our main goal is to ensure offices all over the world are well equipped with everything employees need to feel motivated and deliver on our mission to help people get jobs.

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Aside from great employee workstations, we also focus on developing larger "destination spaces" within in each office to bring people together for team meetings and presentations, to encourage collaboration across teams, and host important community building events. Throughout all Indeed offices we've also instituted an open office environment which reflects our collaborative nature as a company.

Adapting offices for the different cultural needs

Since every country is different, where possible we'll consult with local employees about their preferences, as well as incorporate local artist designs and regional amenities relevant to that market.

Indeed New York

Indeed New York is one of the company's most unique spaces where our design concept juxtaposes aspects of the city's architecture and its unique job industries like entertainment, fashion, transportation and more. It pays homage to both the location and Indeed through the use of images, finishes, and materials in subtle ways. For instance, the central meeting and events floor has an entertainment theme, which also highlights the history of the building ー The Hippodrome ー originally a theater in the 1900s where Harry Houdini himself performed.

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Indeed Dublin

Our Dublin office features local materials like green moss, and tastefully placed celtic patterns and art that are synonymous with Ireland and the local culture. Indeed Dublin expanded and upgraded its St Stephen's Green office last year, with the addition of the building's ground floor, featuring three new meeting rooms, an IT helpdesk, 98 workstations, a new reception area, atrium space, and lounge.

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Indeed Tokyo

Indeed recently opened a new Sales & Client Services office in Tokyo, located on the 6th floor of the premier 10-story Sumitomo Fudosan Azabu Juban building ー at 45,000ft2 the largest single-story floor space of any Indeed office worldwide.

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Workplaces for a global workforce

In creating workplaces for a global workforce, there is no "one size fits all" model, but Indeed's brand values and culture do resonate throughout. This helps facilitate stronger engagement, teamwork and overall execution of our business strategy.

Apr 27, 2018

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