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How Indeed's new skills-based screening technology is improving the job search experience

At Indeed, we're committed to helping people get jobs. By making it easy to find all opportunities in one place, we have built a loyal following of job seekers and have grown to become the #1 job site in the world. We are obsessive about data, and constantly testing products and concepts that will improve the job search experience. At any given time, there are more than five hundred active tests on Indeed and we're continually learning to make each job seeker and employer experience better. Our hope is that by continuing to innovate and reduce friction in hiring, we'll be able to democratize opportunities and make job search easier for everyone.

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Raj Mukherjee, Senior Vice President of Product Raj is responsible for driving Indeed's global product vision and strategy. He leads day-to-day operations of the global product team, which balances the current product portfolio with new business incubation.

Advancing job applications beyond the résumé

Résumés have traditionally been the first thing hiring managers or recruiters use to evaluate a candidate's experience. But résumés alone offer a very narrow picture of a job seeker.

They are one-dimensional and do not provide employers with a full understanding of a candidate's abilities. This is why we introduced Indeed AssessmentsTo an external site, a new platform which emphasizes job seekers' capabilities to help employers connect with qualified talent. Assessments gives job seekers the ability to demonstrate their skills to employers so that they can be evaluated equally based on their ability to do the job they are applying. We believe this will help open up new opportunities for job seekers, while ensuring employers are hiring qualified candidates with the skills needed to fulfill the role.

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Integrating Assessments into Indeed

In the age of search, technology is helping match jobs and job seekers much better than humans alone. Assessments is one of the recent areas where technology is helping create more efficiency in recruiting. In 2017, Indeed acquired Interviewed, a leader in the assessments space, which offered a series of automated screening tools, such as programming tests, personality assessments, language skills, and more. Indeed Assessments is our evolution of this product. Aside from receiving the benefits of these automation features, employers can now access a more customized product which allows them to screen candidates for skills related to a variety of roles. The product also integrates directly with Indeed, so employers who have an Indeed account can access Assessments directly from their Indeed dashboard to jobs they post on Indeed. For now, Indeed Assessments content is offered only in U.S. English, but we are currently evaluating rollout in the other languages and markets Indeed is available.

Using the power of data to create value for both employers and job seekers

Indeed has always been a data-driven company. Since we have the most jobs and job seeker behavior, our algorithms are able to use that data to learn and continuously improve the relevance of jobs. When job seekers look for jobs on Indeed, we're able to use AI and machine learning to better match job seekers with open roles, use the work history in their résumé and the jobs they have liked and saved to continually personalize and deliver relevant search results. At the same time, our technology also helps free up time for employers to focus on the human connection that is also needed to instill trust, and help people get jobs.

Indeed Assessments represents another way we are improving the hiring process -- by giving employers the means to screen candidates for skills specifically related to their open jobs rather than relying on just a résumé. Whether they're searching for topic-specific expertise or need to evaluate skills like critical thinking, Indeed Assessments creates new data that can contribute to helping people and employers find the right match. Employers can identify and more efficiently evaluate job candidates, and can even cut time-to-hire in half. Automating the screening process with data-driven decision-making also helps eliminate bias and bring consistency to candidate evaluations. Data informs every candidate recommendation, so employers can feel confident that the person they're hiring has the right skills for the job.

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Changing hiring for the better

From the beginning, we built Indeed with the belief that work is important, that job search is important. A job search is one of the most important searches of one's life. Today, the online recruitment industry is in the middle of an exciting wave of innovation that continues to benefit both job seekers and employers. We believe Indeed is at the forefront of this HR evolution, with our technology changing hiring for the better.

Indeed Assessments is helping democratize hiring by giving people an equal chance to showcase their qualifications when applying for jobs. And while we firmly believe that human connections will always play a fundamental role in the hiring process, technology will play an increasingly significant role in making it easier for job seekers to find relevant jobs. From recommending the best job to apply for, when to ask for a raise, to avoiding the human biases in assessing candidates, we believe our technology will continue to improve job search and hiring by making it more personalized, efficient, and effective.

July 31, 2018

This article is based on information available at the time of publication.