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Intellectual capital for developing Recruit Group's corporate culture and businesses: Technology

Technology is a Source of Recruit Group's Competitive Edge

Advances in technology, the foundation for business development, have facilitated the transition from paper-based media, such as magazines and free publications, to digital media on PCs and smartphones, while enabling the acquisition of big data. Recruit Group aims to advance technology to the next stage where new opportunities are discovered and exploited through the use of AI trained on this data to formulate predictions.

Harnessing Advances in Technology

Business: Sophisticated Data Analysis and Advanced Matching Technologies

Recruit Group is concentrating efforts on improving matching precision with IT, including big data analysis centered on Recruit Technologies and the deployment of AI technologies. Meanwhile, Recruit Communications is also engaged in a joint research directed toward the practical application of quantum computers. Specifically, Recruit Communications is engaged in multiple research projects that include optimizing matching efficiency between advertisements and users in the web advertising business, and improving accuracy in machine learning, a field symbolized by tailoring.

Basic Research: AI, Aggregation Systems and Research Centers

RIT has a development base in Silicon Valley and on a global scale is pursuing the creation of a disruptive business model using its world-class technological capabilities. RIT produced BigGorilla at June 2017, an open source data integration and data preparation ecosystem in Python that will help reduce the time data scientists spend preparing their data for analysis.

This article is based on information available at the time of publication.

Oct 25, 2017

This article is based on information available at the time of publication.