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Advantage Resourcing Group & Staffmark leverage their human resources business to help veterans, students, and refugees

Advantage Resourcing Group (AR Group) and Staffmark, subsidiaries of Recruit Holdings and part of the strategic business unit Recruit Global Staffing, are committed to contributing to society and leveraging their human resources business to help others. In the US, they have found creative ways to provide career education and job placement assistance to those in need, including military service members, students, and refugees.

Helping military service members and veterans transition to civilian life

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Clockwise from top:The Cincinnati Military Employers Consortium, a group of representatives from several large companies in the Cincinnati, Ohio area who are committed to recruiting and hiring veterans and their families. Matt McGowan, a veteran and market manager with Staffmark, and Amanda Pippin, branch manager with Staffmark, at a job fair for veterans.Matt McGowan, market manager with Staffmark, holding his Certificate of Military Service from the American Legion.

Veterans possess many of the skills and qualities that employers are seeking, yet they often do not know how to effectively communicate their experience on a resume. They may need help identifying transferable skills and translating them in a way that will resonate with employers. They also often need to learn about the expectations they will face in the workforce and how they may differ from the expectations of their military career.

In addition to partnering with Hirepurpose, an organization dedicated to helping military service members find rewarding careers, Staffmark has run an internal initiative for about six years called Operation Hired, which includes:

• Presenting at Air Force bases as part of their Transition Assistance Program
• Developed a promotional video to build interest in the program
• Participating in ~12 military/veteran job fairs and events each year, such as veteran workshops sponsored by the VA
• Helping prepare disabled veterans to return to the workforce
• Placing veterans in direct hire and temp-to-hire assignments
• Partnering with customers to identify veterans through their internal applicant tracking system

"Being a veteran myself, I know first-hand how much of a challenge the transition from military to civilian life can be. From a business perspective, there is also the added benefit to Staffmark and our customers of securing access to a largely untapped pool of highly motivated, reliable, and skilled candidates. It's literally a 'win-win' for everyone involved."

ー Matt McGowan, market manager at Staffmark

The program has resulted in a total of about 200 hires since the program's inception.

Video:Operation Hired - The Veterans StoryTo an external site

Preparing students and new graduates for the job market

Investing time and providing resources for students and recent graduates is also important to AR Group and Staffmark. For example, several Staffmark offices in Ohio work with the Jobs for Ohio's Graduates program. This program seeks to instill the knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, and habits necessary for students to become successful, contributing members of society.

They have worked with nine schools and participate in several events, including classroom presentations and competitions. They inform students about local jobs, what it takes to succeed in the job market, and how to develop necessary job skills. They also offer resume preparation assistance, mock interviews, skills testing, public speaking, and more.

Recently, in just one month's time, they connected 30 students with job placements. There have been hundreds of placements since they first became involved with the program.

Similarly, AR Group has partnered with Junior Achievement, a program that cultivates and prepares students to succeed in a global economy.

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Clockwise from top:Junior Achievement BizTown is set up just as a real town would be established and includes a restaurant, bank, and gas station. Rachel Linton, HRIS specialist with Advantage Resourcing, and Kelly Zavagnin, corporate trainer with Advantage Resourcing, volunteering at a Junior Achievement BizTown event. Students completing their assigned tasks at a Junior Achievement BizTown event in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Junior Achievement's BizTown event teaches life skills to prepare 6th grade students for the real world. The event is set up just as a real town would be established. Students are assigned careers, such as CEO, CFO, or B2B/B2C roles and complete their assigned tasks, working together to ensure that their business earns revenue by selling a good or providing a service.

"The Junior Achievement program ensures that every student is prepared for the real world. Whether it's how to write a check, being courteous to others, or how to work in a group dynamic, each student leaves BizTown knowing more about how to operate a business and be a member of the workforce."

ー Kelly Zavagnin, corporate trainer at Advantage Resourcing

They volunteer at this event and have helped about 200 students learn what it takes to run a successful business, manage a checking account, and work as a team.

Helping refugees start a new life and find employment

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Staffmark IHT's translators, Elizabeth Puii (second from left) and Duh Mang (third from left), at a Chin community event.

When members of the Chin/Burmese community arrive in the US, they often just have the clothes on their back. A Staffmark office in Plainfield, IN has identified ways to help refugees get on their feet and find employment.

To bridge the communication gap and learn more about the Chin/Burmese culture, they hired two internal employees who speak the language. Once the refugees meet US requirements, they guide them through the hiring process. On the job, the refugees partner with translators, who are also Staffmark employees, to receive training. In addition to job opportunities, the branch has provided clothing, technology, and housing assistance.

To date, they have hired over 300 refugees within the Chin/Burmese community, including Za Mang who joined them in May 2017. He has a disabled child who requires frequent visits to the children's hospital. In August 2018, Za Mang secured a full-time temp-to-hire opportunity that has allowed him to support his family and provide the healthcare his child needs.

"Staffmark is a place where we all can help each other overcome the challenges we face, regardless of our differences in race and that is why I love being a part of this team. We're like one big family, always ready to take on challenges together."

ー Elizabeth Dardin Puii, operations specialist at Staffmark

AR Group and Staffmark are committed to being a great partner to the communities they serve. They plan to continue to seek creative ways to connect with those who need career guidance and support. In doing so, they will also provide a reliable, hardworking workforce for their valued clients.

"Our goal is to change the world one life at a time. We recognize that some individuals face circumstances that make it difficult to find and secure employment. We are on a mission to bridge this gap and provide the resources, tools, and connections they need to find meaningful work and make valuable contributions to society. It is an honor and privilege to serve in this capacity."

ー Geno Cutolo, CEO & president at AR Group and Staffmark

Sep 28, 2018

This article is based on information available at the time of publication.