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Technology Creates New Possibilities for the Future in Recruit Group's Business Interview with Recruit Institute of Technology, Inc.'s CEO

Two Approaches of Our Research

In our Recruit Institute of Technology, Inc. (RIT), we always advance our research by asking ourselves what will our products look like 5 years from now. Viewing the technological trends, the way Recruit affects people, and the changes of our services to our clients, our research needs not only to be practical but also very innovative.

We have two approaches. The first approach is that AI becomes an intelligent agent. Using AI to anticipate people's wishes and future behavior based on data from past user behavior helps people make better decisions, which lead to well-being and happiness.

The second approach is data management. By compiling data in one place and utilizing them. We can predict and infer solutions to various questions by AI. We can certainly make people happier with data and technology, can't we? I believe these are great asset. Effectively using data dispersed across organizations will provide users and clients new options and expand the possibilities to offer. These two approaches are going to be big directions and are crucial for our research.

Technology for Making People's Lives Better

BigGorilla, which we released in 2017, is an open source system to lighten the workload of preparing data before analyzing AI. A year ago, we were just talking about BigGorilla, but by now it has already been used in several successful projects. We envision creating technological innovation for industry by building ecosystems with more companies on this open platform. In RIT, we choose projects based on whether this project is meaningful to make people's life better in the long term. I really believe that technology is for making people's life better.

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RIT is a research team composed of multinational members. In RIT, they emphasize a teamwork that is created by pursuit of members' diversity and mutual respect.

Oct 25, 2017

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