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Building a Global Brand for Indeed

Indeed has grown and evolved at a rapid rate over the last decade. Over the last few years, in particular, marketing has played a significant role in the company's transformation and global growth.

The company's mission to "help people get jobs" has been critical to everything the Indeed marketing team does - from building a brand and growing the number of job seekers on Indeed, to helping employers hire and training recruiters on how to use Indeed. All of this ultimately helps connect more job seekers to the right career opportunities.

Indeed's marketing strategy has been focused on making emotional connections and building brand salience. By infusing the company's mission and commitment to job seekers throughout advertising messaging, this has been an important part of how the company has built trust and stronger relationships with the people it serves.

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Indeed Stories "The Wish" Commercial

One recent example is 2018 global brand campaign "Stories," which launched across broadcast and digital channels in July. The new series of commercials included The WishTo an external siteThe BoxTo an external siteThe DreamTo an external site and The DropTo an external site, which were designed to be warm, cinematic executions, placing Indeed at the heart of each respective job seeker's career story. While each of the advertisements are hopeful and optimistic in tone, they also have a strong call to action embedded - encouraging viewers to upload their resume to Indeed, so they too can achieve their career goals and realize their dreams. Today, the selection of the advertisements continue to broadcast live via U.S., Canada, France, Netherlands and United Kingdom channels, while the latest edition of 2019 "Stories" ads like The TextTo an external site will roll-out in the coming months.

Globally Resonant, Locally Relevant

As Indeed continues to grow its global brand, the marketing team has equally been focused on building local relevance in new and emerging markets. This has been particularly critical as the the definition of "work" in Australia, Germany, Japan, India, and the United States, and the 55 other countries Indeed operates is very different. The nature of work is different, the regulations are different, work culture is different. For Indeed, striking that balance has been something that involves a lot of learning, and adapting the brand strategy with different types of advertising in different global markets. Two recent examples of this are the company's recent campaigns in Australia and Germany.

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Australia's 'The Complete Job Search' Commercial

In August, Indeed launched a new integrated marketing campaign "The Complete Job Search," including TV, digital video, social media, and out-of-home advertising via billboards and custom, local artwork. This was the first time Indeed produced a campaign specifically designed for the Australian market, and featured brand creative on the Indeed Australia homepageTo an external site. Following a research study, Indeed found that just 1 in 10 Australian job seekers felt they were aware of all job opportunities when they last searched for a job. To address this, the new campaign aimed to show job seekers that if they are not using Indeed, their job search is incomplete. The campaign, including this TV advertisement, dramatizes what jobs might look like if not fully complete - from unfinished roads to half built TVs - highlighting the potential pitfalls of an incomplete job search. The campaign was created, produced, and shot in Sydney and Canberra, using Australian talent to better understand the needs of Australian job seekers.

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Germany's "Nothing to Complain About Here" Commercial

Later in October, Indeed took a similar approach to a new integrated marketing campaign for the German market entitled "Nothing to Complain About Here." The campaign included TV, digital, PR, radio, and social media, and was also the first time Indeed produced a campaign specifically designed for German job seekers. The theme of the advertising plays on a national stereotype in a fun and light-hearted way. Germans are often associated with being punctual, passionate about sport, and complaining or finding fault where there is none. The campaign taps into this insight, with TV ads addressing the cliché in a setting where there is simply nothing to complain about - the job seeker's experience when using The new brand campaign was created and produced locally in Berlin using local talent as part of Indeed's long term commitment to job seekers and continued investment in Germany.

In 2019, marketing will continue make new investments toward campaigns and experiences that continue to drive global awareness and brand loyalty. Indeed can't help people get jobs unless they know the job search engine exists. For this reason, the marketing team will remain focused on helping people find Indeed and have a great experience on Indeed. The key will be finding new ways to communicate, to develop real solutions and experiences for job seekers.

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May 22, 2019

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