At Recruit Group, we believe in a brighter future of work that enables people and businesses to thrive in a fast-changing, competitive world.

Over the next few decades, automation, robotics and artificial intelligence will transform the jobs landscape. While change will be disruptive, it will also unlock new opportunities.

Existing types of jobs will change

Jobs will increasingly blend artificial and human intelligence. Companies will gradually position AI to take over routine tasks from employees, in turn unlocking more of human potential.

New types of jobs will be created

New industries and jobs will be created and emerge from innovations that we have yet to imagine.

Some types of jobs will be lost

HR technology will play a critical role in connecting people to new positions, in new areas, faster than before, and in reducing barriers to entry so that everyone can transition into new types of work with dignity. Lifelong reskilling and retraining will also help employees pursue new types of work.

Through Recruit’s platforms and experience, we are uniquely positioned to successfully help job seekers and companies be a part of the future technology supported workforce.