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Recruit Holdings' 2017 Annual Report Received Prizes in 4 Categories in the 2017 Vision Awards

Aug 13, 2018

The "2017 Annual Report" published by Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. (HQ: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku; Representative Director and CEO: Masumi Minegishi) received prizes in 4 categories in the 2017 Vision Awards held by the League of American Communications Professionals LLC (LACP).

Regarding the Prizes

The Vision Awards is a competition for annual reports, integrated reports, sustainability/CSR reports, online reports and related media. It is administered by LACP, an organization dedicated to supporting, recognizing and advancing excellence in the practice of professional communications. Roughly 1,000 companies from over 20 different countries compete for the awards.
At the 2017 Vision Awards ( an external site ), Recruit Holdings' 2017 Annual Report received Gold Award, Top Japanese Report, Top 80 Reports (Asia-Pacific Region) and Technical Achievement Award.

Regarding the Evaluation

Recruit Holdings' 2017 Annual Report "Why are you here?" received full scores on 6 out of 8 categories - "Report Cover," "Letter to Stakeholders," "Report Narrative," "Report Financials," "Creativity," and "Message Clarity" - leading to the following awards.

Award Categories

・Gold Award
・Top Japanese Report
・Top 80 Reports (Asia-Pacific Region)
・Technical Achievement Award
  *Award for excellence in art design and communication methods

*To see details of the judging results, please follow the below link. an external site

Special Features of Recruit Holdings' 2017 Annual Report

The overarching concept of the 2017 Annual Report was, "Why are you here?"?We constantly ask this question to each other at work as we value individuals to act on their own internal motivations and to follow their hearts. This reflects our corporate culture that we have held since our founding.
This concept acts as the axis that brings together and illuminates Recruit's "Value Creation Model," and the inter-relationship between ideas, business models, and culture.?In addition, explanations of strategy and tactics were provided for three strategic business units (HR technology (Global Online HR SBU),Media and Solutions (Media and Solutions SBU), Staffing (Global Staffing SBU)).

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Recruit Holdings' "2017 Annual Report" can be found via the following link:

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