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Establishment of Target for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Fiscal 2025

Dec 21, 2020

Recruit Group's Media & Solutions SBU (Strategic Business Unit), one of our three SBUs, has established a new target for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Specifically, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions* from Media & Solutions SBU offices and service locations in Japan to virtually zero (i.e., carbon neutral) by fiscal 2025.

Our company has designated "conserve the environment" as a material matter of our Group's sustainability efforts, and has been working on reducing our impact on the environment. Among these efforts was our establishment of a target to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in Japan by 25% from the fiscal 2008 level by fiscal 2020. By fiscal 2019, we had managed to reduce our emissions by 48.8%, which greatly exceeded our target. Moving forward, we will be reviewing and adopting various policies such as the introduction of renewable energy and the purchase of carbon credits, in addition to day-to-day energy conservation efforts including encouraging power savings in offices, in order to achieve our new target.

*Including direct emissions from urban gas supplied to our company buildings and rented buildings (scope 1) as well as indirect emissions from the use of electricity (scope 2)