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Recruit Holdings Announces Update Regarding Reports of COVID-19 (updated as of March 31)

Mar 31, 2021

As of March 31, 2021, we will no longer provide updates regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infections within our corporate group.

Until now, we have been publishing such information with the aim of preventing the spread of infection from employees, but following the end of the state of emergency, and in light of prevention measures being adopted by individuals, we have determined that the announcements have fulfilled their role. Going forward, if circumstances change significantly, we will consider an alternative means of disclosure.

At the Recruit Group*, in response to the COVID-19, and the risk of the continued spread of infection, we have endorsed working from home and staggered working hours for all employees. We have also banned or limited overseas and domestic business trips, postponed or cancelled large meetings and events—both inside and outside the company—distributed masks and disinfectant to workers, and repeatedly called on employees to thoroughly implement infection prevention measures.

However, despite these measures there have been cases of COVID-19 infections at the Recruit Group. If new infections are confirmed, we will endeavor to quickly disclose that information here.

Furthermore, in the case of infections, we will cooperate with relevant healthcare establishments and aim to identify close contacts and records of movement at relevant locations. In addition, in accordance with the instructions of the health authorities, we will provide subsequent health monitoring progress reports, and disinfect affected areas.

Occurrences of COVID-19 infections within our group

Date infection confirmed Date of announcement Location No. of people
April 3 (Friday) April 4 (Saturday) Tenjin, Fukuoka 1
April 5 (Sunday) April 6 (Monday) Yaesu, Tokyo 1
April 8 (Wednesday) April 9 (Thursday) Toranomon, Tokyo 1
April 10 (Friday) April 12 (Sunday) Odawara, Kanagawa 1
April 11 (Saturday) April 12 (Sunday) Tenjin, Fukuoka 2
April 14 (Tuesday) April 15 (Wednesday) Tenjin, Fukuoka 1
July 9 (Thursday) July 11 (Saturday) Kasumigaseki, Tokyo 1
July 20 (Monday) July 21 (Tuesday) Yaesu, Tokyo 1
August 18 (Tuesday) August 19 (Wednesday) Umeda, Osaka 1
October 1 (Thursday) October 2 (Friday) Kajiyacho, Kagoshima 1
October 20 (Tuesday) October 21 (Wednesday) Kobe, Hyogo 1
October 22 (Thursday) October 23 (Friday) Umeda, Osaka 1
October 22 (Thursday) October 23 (Friday) Kobe, Hyogo 2
November 9 (Monday) November 10 (Tuesday) Yaesu, Tokyo 1
November 10 (Tuesday) November 11 (Wednesday) Ikebukuro, Tokyo 1
November 12 (Thursday) November 13 (Friday) Nerima, Tokyo 1
November 12 (Thursday) November 13 (Friday) Nagoya, Aichi 1
November 13 (Friday) November 16 (Monday) Shimbashi, Tokyo 1
December 4 (Friday) December 7 (Monday) Meguro, Tokyo 1
December 4 (Friday) December 8 (Tuesday) Sagamihara, Kanagawa 1
December 8 (Tuesday) December 9 (Wednesday) Ikebukuro, Tokyo 1
December 9 (Wednesday) December 10 (Thursday) Namba, Osaka 1
December 11 (Friday) December 14 (Monday) Nihonbashi, Tokyo 1
December 16 (Wednesday) December 17 (Thursday) Sumida Ward, Tokyo 1
December 18 (Friday) December 21 (Monday) Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo 1
December 21 (Monday) December 22 (Tuesday) Yokohama, Kanagawa 1
December 24 (Thursday) December 25 (Friday) Akihabara, Tokyo 1
December 26 (Saturday) January 4 (Monday) Ikebukuro, Tokyo 1
December 28 (Monday) January 4 (Monday) Ginza, Tokyo 1
January 5 (Tuesday) January 6 (Wednesday) Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo 1
January 7 (Thursday) January 8 (Friday) Minato Ward, Tokyo 1
January 7 (Thursday) January 8 (Friday) Tenjin, Fukuoka 1
January 8 (Friday) January 12 (Tuesday) Chuo Ward, Tokyo 1
January 8 (Friday) January 12 (Tuesday) Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo 1
January 8 (Friday) January 12 (Tuesday) Minato Ward, Tokyo 1
January 9 (Saturday) January 12 (Tuesday) Umeda, Osaka 1
January 13 (Wednesday) January 15 (Friday) Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo 1
January 13 (Wednesday) January 15 (Friday) Tachikawa, Tokyo 1
January 13 (Wednesday) January 15 (Friday) Nagasaki, Nagasaki 1
January 20 (Wednesday) January 21 (Thursday) City of Kitakyushu, Fukuoka 1
January 20 (Wednesday) January 21 (Thursday) Umeda, Osaka 1
January 20 (Wednesday) January 21 (Thursday) Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 1
January 21 (Thursday) January 22 (Friday) Umeda, Osaka 1
January 21 (Thursday) January 25 (Monday) City of Ayabe, Kyoto 1
January 22 (Friday) January 25 (Monday) Yaesu, Tokyo 1
January 25 (Monday) January 26 (Tuesday) Yaesu, Tokyo 1
March 5 (Friday) March 8 (Monday) Ikebukuro, Tokyo 1
March 10 (Wednesday) March 11 (Thursday) Nagoya, Aichi 1

Going forward, the Recruit Group will continue to respond swiftly, based on the government’s policy and action plan, to deter the spread of infection both inside and outside the company as we place our highest priority on ensuring the safety of our employees.

We kindly request the understanding of all persons involved.

*Due to variance among countries in circumstances related to this topic, and because we are flexibly altering our measures according to the circumstances in each country and region, this announcement refers only to Recruit Group companies in Japan.