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Sustainability Management

The Sustainability Orbit

The Sustainability Orbit illustrates the "Sustainability Management" framework by which Recruit Group engages with various stakeholders to strengthen our corporate values.

The department in charge of sustainability engages with external stakeholders and organizes communication activities with management and employees to increase dialogue and promote open discussion of both sides' needs and expectations. The department also participates in international conferences to capture global trends in sustainability. These insights are discussed in depth by the Sustainability Committee - the Committee consists of external sustainability experts and Recruit Group executives and board members. Following each committee meeting, Recruit Holdings' Board of Directors approves the agenda items and begins to execute them in line with our guiding principles. We believe this process leads to the realization of Recruit's basic principle to "create a brighter world where all individuals can live life to the fullest."


The Sustainability Issue Analysis Map

To maintain our "Sustainability Orbit" and realize our management philosophy, we must identify notable sustainability issues, prepare appropriate responses at an early stage, and incorporate action plans into our corporate strategies.

We use an original framework called the "Recruit Group Sustainability Issue Analysis Map" to help us understand new trends and identify the sustainability agendas Recruit Group should prioritize.

The Recruit Group Sustainability Issue Analysis Map consists of quadrants that represent the four phases of issue recognition and legislative arrangements. The vertical axis represents the level of interest NGOs and international organizations show toward a given issue, while the horizontal axis represents the level of interest among environmental, social, and governance (ESG) assessment organizations. The map illustrates how various factors contribute to Recruit Group's understanding of an issue, including shareholder expectations, external ESG surveys, major agenda at international conferences, ESG investors' concerns, national and regional legislative movements, and regulatory trends.


Sustainability Management Structure


Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. has set up a Sustainability Transformation Department. Group companies carry out sustainability activities based on the "Recruit Group Sustainability Policy"

International Conferences / Stakeholder Dialogues

We participate in major international conferences related to the sustainability domain and hold stakeholder dialogues in order to gain early insights into the expectations held by our stakeholders, who are an increasingly global constituency.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is set up as one of the advisory bodies to the Board of Directors to promote unique sustainability activities that meet the expectations of our stakeholders. Committee meetings are held semi-annually, in principle.
Sustainability Committee

For human rights, which is our material foundation, the following two organizations in Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. play a central role in promoting and coordinating these activities between the relevant departments at the group companies.
Human Rights Policy

Group Risk Management & Compliance Division

The Group Risk Management & Compliance Division collects information on the theme of human rights related to business and the workplace, responds to requests for consultation and inquiries from group companies, and also carries out educational activities to raise awareness, such as internal training conducted together with the group companies on various human rights themes.

Sustainability Transformation Department

The Sustainability Transformation Department builds strategies for Recruit Group's sustainability agenda and promotes related action plans.