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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives at Recruit Group

DEI Initiatives at Recruit Group

We have positioned maximizing the motivation of our diverse employees to create value as a key Recruit Group management theme and are working to advance DEI. In addition to establishing an ambitious women's representation goal to achieve gender parity by FY2030, each of our group companies is working to promote DEI from various perspectives, such as race and ethnicity, LGBTQ+, and disability, to align with their own specific regional and business environment.
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HR Technology SBU

HR Technology Strategic Business Unit (SBU) is implementing various measures to break down barriers for diverse employees in order to realize a society where all job seekers can find jobs faster and simpler.

Respecting Diverse Genders

Gender-affirming care employee benefits and relocation allowance
Indeed is committed to creating a work environment where all employees' wellbeing is prioritized so they can thrive with peace of mind. In July of 2023 we introduced a new relocation benefit in the U.S. for any employees and their families wishing to relocate to a state where gender-affirming care was available. We also enhanced our benefits for employees who needed to travel outside of their home state for reproductive health matters.

Toward Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Indeed has also committed to increasing Indeed’s workforce representation of underrepresented ethnic minorities (or URM)*1 in the United States to 30%.

Employee-driven inclusion business resource groups

In conjunction with the Inclusive Interview Rule (IIR), which activates the selection process after diversity among candidates during the hiring process has been achieved, Indeed places significant emphasis on employee-led Inclusion Business Resource Groups (IBRGs) as a key initiative to advance DEI.

Indeed currently has 11 global IBRGs operating in 13 countries with roughly 5,000 unique members, including groups such as the Black Inclusion Group and iPride & Gender Identity. Functioning as a collective of dedicated employees, IBRGs are critical to establishing a sense of community, providing opportunities for employees to network and develop their careers, and improving our products and processes for a more inclusive workforce. Furthermore, the IBRGs are supported by members of Indeed’s senior leadership team, who act as advisors and amplify their lived experiences to drive change.
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Promoting workforce diversity and fairness through radical transparency

Glassdoor recognizes that diversity within its own employee base is essential to the long-term success and vitality of the business.  Through the "Diversity & Inclusion Transparency Report", Glassdoor has been monitoring progress annually since announcing the 2025 Commitment to promoting workforce diversity in 2020.
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Matching & Solutions SBU

Recruit, a major subsidiary of Matching & Solutions SBU, believes that job satisfaction leads to professional and personal career growth for all employees and commits to a flexible work environment that suits individual needs.

Realizing Equality for All Genders

Recruit Group’s human rights policy states that it will strive to avoid discrimination and human rights violations on the grounds of SOGI*2. Based on such principles, Recruit aims to create a workplace where anyone can work in their own way regardless of SOGI, by fostering a greater understanding of women and sexual minorities (LGBTQ+) within the company.

Establishment of Internal Systems for LGBTQ+

Recruit has continued to improve the working environment for LGBTQ+ and conducts company-wide educational activities. For example, the company started extending the in-house system for spouses and their families to same-sex partners and their children (including those whose partners do not have custody). The company also increases awareness toward the issues LGBTQ+ employees experience through an annual in-house e-learning program. In the PRIDE Index, which evaluates LGBTQ+-related initiatives of Japanese companies, Recruit has received the highest rating consecutively since starting in 2018.

Initiatives for Our People with Disabilities

Recruit Co., Ltd, and Recruit Office Support — the special subsidiary for people with disabilities — strive to employ people with disabilities. Their mutual aim is to enable all people, regardless of their disabilities, to pursue their careers, providing opportunities to choose from diverse work styles that align with their situation.
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Staffing SBU

At Staffing SBU, we operate a people business whose success rests on the talents, commitment and interaction of colleagues around the world. That is why we envision a place where individuals can focus on what really matters. The more people are free to pursue their passions, the better our future becomes.

Inclusion and Wellbeing in the Workplace

To realize such a workplace, Staffing SBU gives light to the importance of inclusion within our businesses and wellbeing in the workplace.

We embrace inclusion within our businesses, aiming for all people to feel welcomed and supported within the SBU. We focus on developing robust and targeted inclusion and equity initiatives, including employee education, reflection and learning across operating companies of the SBU, and establishing principles based on successful cases of inclusion practices.

Placing great emphasis on diversity within our decision-making boards is a key initiative to creating an inclusive community. To ensure diversity, Staffing SBU has implemented a succession planning process for key positions that ensures there is a diverse candidate pool before discussing hiring and internal promotions.

We also pursue initiatives to increase the number of people who are happy at work. We are in the process of establishing a standard for measuring and improving happiness at work. This standard is reflected in both words and in clear action aimed at getting everyone work-happy. We will achieve this by giving our people a sense of purpose through the freedom to explore, innovate, and inspire.

Initiatives for Our People with Disabilities

In Japan, Staffing SBU aims to realize equal participation of all employees. Recruit Staffing Group and Staff Service Holdings are working together with special subsidiaries in employing people with disabilities.
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*1 Underrepresented racial / ethnic minorities (URM) refers to minority groups that make up a small percentage of the general population in terms of racial or ethnic background or are at a relative disadvantage compared to those in social groups that are in a dominant position.
*2 SOGI is an acronym for sexual orientation and gender identity.