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Community Support

Recruit Group is engaged in volunteer and donation activities to contribute to society and local communities by utilizing the skills and networks cultivated through its business activities.

Support for the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

We are deeply shocked, saddened and concerned by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and the challenges faced by Ukrainian refugees forced to live outside the country. We advocate for peace and an immediate end to needless human suffering.

In response to this humanitarian crisis, Recruit Group companies offer a range of community support including jobs and hiring support, donations, and other supporting packages through various partnerships to people whose lives have been impacted.

Recruit Holdings

Recruit Holdings, on behalf of Recruit Group, is donating a total of €1 million to international organizations for humanitarian aid.

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HR Technology SBU

Indeed joined the Tent Partnership for RefugeesTo an external site and is working together with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to hold a series of hiring fairs across PolandTo an external site and more throughout Europe. The company has also supported humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine through fundraising programs.

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Indeed is also committed to supporting training for Ukrainian refugees through its partnership with Tent,
enabling employersTo an external site across the world to hire refugees, and making job seeker resourcesTo an external site available in the Ukrainian language.

Matching & Solutions SBU

In order to support employees' voluntary social contribution activities, Recruit has adopted a "Matching Gift Program," under which the company will match any personal donations made by its employees. Since the outbreak of the war, a number of employees have made donations to Ukraine.

Staffing SBU

RGF Staffing is donating through Giro555, a Dutch relief organization, to support Ukrainian communities in need.

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In addition, RGF Staffing Germany provided free translation devices and support to Ukrainian women refugees, who constitute the majority of refugees, to help them find jobs in Germany as quickly as possible.

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Other Community Support Activities at Each SBU

HR Technology SBU: Employee-led Environmental Conservation Activities

iGreen is a strong group of over 600 Indeed employees involved in a variety of environmental initiatives with the aim of "embedding a culture of sustainability at Indeed.” They do this through leading initiatives that drive employee education and engagement, activating community partnerships, and helping make Indeed’s products and services more sustainable.

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Matching & Solutions SBU: Providing Educational Materials to Promote Understanding of the Challenges Faced by People with Disabilities

One important theme of Recruit's sustainability activities is "embracing diversity.” For example, in the "Para Ring" project, which aims to promote understanding of people with disabilities, the company promotes the following initiatives to realize a society where people can make the most of their individuality regardless of their disabilities: producing and providing VR videos that simulate the experience of para-sports, producing and providing educational materials for schools to help students understand people with disabilities, and supporting athletes.

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Staffing SBU: Diverse Programs to Bring Smiles to the Local Community

CSI Companies has a mission to "identify and support local organizations which provide support to people in need, and bring smiles to our community." The company's diverse programs include supporting non-profit organizations in Jacksonville, Florida, where the company is headquartered, providing educational support, and planning day trips and other activities for children facing various challenges.

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Art Center “BUG”

BUG is an art center run by Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd., and opened its doors in September 2023. Drawing on its experience of previously having been operating two public galleries in Ginza, Tokyo for more than 30 years, BUG organizes exhibitions and events, and helps artists and art workers access more spaces and opportunities to express themselves, as well as to promote a safe and stable working environment for them.

BUG's three activity directives are; 1) promoting enhanced consideration towards the needs to adopt the changes driven by life-stage shifting of artists and art workers, 2) ensuring appropriate partnership practices such as fair compensations, and 3) supporting the career development of art workers. For instance, BUG provides childcare or nursing care support during the art events, sets appropriate standards for compensations, and supports their career development through the hosting art competitions and awards.

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Photo by Naoki Takehisa

Photo by Yoshitomo Kumagai

Support for employees' social contribution activities

Matching gifts (Group companies in Japan)

Recruit has established a matching gift program in order to support social contribution activities carried out voluntarily by members of our Board of Directors and our employees. In this system, whenever an executive or employee makes a donation, Recruit Group donates the same amount to the recipient organization.

Providing career education opportunities for students

Most junior high school students in Japan take part in "work experience" activities as part of their career education. To provide support so these students can look forward to "work as something exciting" and obtain a deeper appreciation of what work actually involves, since 2007 we have conducted TOWNWORK TRY!WORK, our career education support program. We provide a free online program for teachers to use in their classes before and after their workplace experience activity, which is conducted as part of their general study course. Students use Recruit's job-posting media TOWNWORK as an educational resource to learn how to interview working people before their workplace experience and prepare reports focusing on their feelings toward work after their workplace experience. The summary of the interview is distributed as "Recruit's TOWNWORK magazine, Version Edited by Junior High School students" to their parents and the local community.