Stock Data

General Stock Information

Stock Code 6098
Stock Exchange Registration Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section
Business year From Apr. 1 to Mar. 31 of the next year
Base Date Dividend Payout
Interim dividend record date: September 30
Year-end dividend record date: March 31
Number of Share Constituting One Trading Unit 100 shares
Annual Shareholders' Meeting Every year in June
Administrator of Shareholder Registry Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
Reporting Method Electronic public notice
*However, in the event we are unable to issue an electronic public notice due to an accident or other unavoidable reasons, such notices will be published in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei).

State of Shareholders

(As of Mar. 31, 2020)

Number of Shares Authorized 6,000,000,000 Shares
Total Number of Shares Issued 1,695,960,030 Shares
Number of Shareholders 57,773 Persons

Main Shareholders

(As of Mar. 31, 2020)

Shareholders name Number of shares Shareholding ratio
The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account) 144,400,200 8.75%
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust Account) 89,100,100 5.40%
JP MORGAN CHASE BANK 386532 84,322,440 5.11%
TOPPAN PRINTING CO., LTD. 72,600,000 4.40%
DENTSU INC. 53,550,000 3.24%
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. 40,100,000 2.43%
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust Account 7) 37,323,000 2.26%
The Recruit Group Employees Shareholding Association 35,036,280 2.12%
Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. 33,330,000 2.02%
Nippon Television Network Corporation 33,330,000 2.02%
  • 1 The Company's treasury stock (46,052,603 shares) is excluded in the calculation of the shareholding ratio. Treasury stock does not include the Company's stock held by the Board Incentive Plan (1,521,856 shares).
  • 2 A change report of the report of large shareholdings that was made available for public inspection on March 6, 2020 states that Capital Research and Management Company and its joint holders Capital International Inc. and Capital International K.K. hold shares as given below as of February 28, 2020. However, their holdings are not reflected in the status of major shareholders above since the Company is not able to confirm the actual number of shares they hold as of March 31, 2020. The overview of the change report is as follows.
Name Number of shares Shareholding ratio
Capital Research and Management Company 99,825,174 5.89%
Capital International Inc. 2,049,700 0.12%
Capital International K.K. 3,426,000 0.20%
Total 105,300,874 6.21%

Classification by Type of Shareholder

(As of Mar. 31, 2020)

Type Number of shares Shareholding ratio
Domestic financial institutions 452,254,456 26.67%
Securities firms 14,968,025 0.88%
Other domestic corporations 364,068,943 21.47%
Foreign financial institutions and individuals 571,107,106 33.68%
Individuals and others 247,508,897 14.59%
Treasury stocks 46,052,603 2.72%