IR Policy

Investor activity guidelines

Our basic policy for IR activities is to disclose relevant information in a timely, fair, and accurate manner to various stakeholders, particularly capital market participants such as shareholders, investors, and analysts. This information is useful for corporate valuations and investment decisions, and includes our management performance and policies for the Recruit Group, business strategies, and other key figures.
Accordingly, we will create extensive opportunities, such as interviews with domestic and overseas institutional investors and analysts, and earnings results briefings, for dialogue with participants in capital markets. We also plan to utilize our IR website and other tools to actively disclose important information that will be useful for making investment decisions.

Basic policy on timely disclosure of information

In accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Rules Concerning the Timely Disclosure of Corporate Performance by Issuers of Listed Securities as stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and other regulations, it is our basic stance to implement disclosure in a timely and appropriate manner, and also to actively disclose important information which we believe will have an impact on investment decisions.

Organization for Ensuring Timely Disclosure

Organization for Ensuring Timely Disclosure

Quiet period policy

The period from the end of each quarter until the announcement of financial results is treated as a quiet period, during which we refrain from responding to questions and making comments about financial results to prevent information leaks and ensure fair disclosure. However, should an event arise that requires immediate disclosure during this period, we will disclose the related information in a timely and appropriate manner.