Social contribution activities

Employment Support

Recruit Group implements a variety of employment support programs.

WORKFIT / Honki no Shushoku

We have engaged in implementing free employment support programs for young people utilizing our knowledge of the HR business since 2011. These include the "4-Day Group Work" focusing on practical skills for working in groups, the "1-Day Seminar", a 1-Day intensive course concentrating on self-promotion and interviewing skills,and the "Workshop" program to learn skills for job search in a short time.

Following the 2008 financial crisis, faced with the employment problem facing young people in Japan, this program was launched for young people, including university students, who had difficulty finding employment opportunities.

Since FY2016, the program has also been provided for students from Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian countries. In FY2017, the program has developed to include mothers who left work for childbirth and child rearing (WORKFIT for MOM) as well as young people from juvenile correctional facilities and high school graduates. The areas where the program is offered are Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong and India.

The common feature of these programs is that participants can "grasp their competitive abilities, boost their self-confidence and match themselves with human resource needs at companies." Around 23,000 people have participated in the programs since they started in 2011 (as of March 2017). We will continue to help young people find work by nurturing their self-confidence in their abilities around the region.

In addition, in order to help children living in orphanages to cultivate their perspective on work (WORKFIT for KIDS). Working with an NPO, employees visit the facilities to give on-site "career lessons" where children share the knowledge of many and diverse types of work available in society as well as sense of values.


WORKFIT program in Thailand "Recruit WORKFIT Program was held at RGF Thailand!"

We held the first WORKFIT program in Thailand in Oct. 2016.

WORKFIT program held at RGF Thailand!

WORKFIT program in Vietnam "Recruit WORKFIT Program was held in Vietnam!"

We held the first WORKFIT program in Vietnam in Oct. 2015.

WORKFIT program(Japanese "Honki no Shushoku" ) held in Vietnam!

Employment Support at the Group Companies

Our companies engaging in employment areas provide support for employment.

Recruit Career (Shushoku Shop)

Shushoku Shop is a job placement service that helps "young job seekers find job openings for full-time positions that do not require prior experience." The service 1) does not select based on resumes, 2) conducts interviews of all job seekers to ascertain their character, 3) gathers information on companies that believe in the potential of young people through direct interviews with each company and provides information and 4) supports job seekers' general job search activities through model interviews and so forth, while nurturing their readiness to work, thereby encouraging them to gain confidence and take the first step to discover their potential in society. Approximately 95,000 young people have used the service so far (as of March 2017).

Advantage Resourcing

Volunteer activities at shelters for homeless people in Chicago are conducted. Workshops have been held to help people write resumes, prepare for interviews, and search job sites. Such information is also provided on the websites.

Chandler Macleod

Chandler Macleod supports women to return to the workforce by providing training to improve interview skills and resume-writing.

Supporting Young People

Recruit Group provides support services that help young people follow their hearts in society.

The Ezoe Memorial Foundation

The Ezoe Memorial Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation, was established in 1971, on the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Company, as an initiative for "contributing to society" by supporting "people who demonstrate leadership, who are highly motivated with curiosity, and who show strong potential for the future."

Since then, the Foundation has conducted activities including provision of scholarships for 645 people in total. Recently, the activities have focused on supporting young people globally active in the fields of music, arts, and sports. In fiscal year 2017, the Foundation sponsored 13 scholarship students in the field of music, 15 in the field of sports, 3 in the field of contemporary art, and 13 in the field of academia.

Along with the upcoming global age, the Foundation will help young people develop their talent further and spread their wings around the world

The Ezoe Memorial Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation(Japanese)

Supporting Young People at Group Companies

Recruit Lifestyle (Maji☆bu)


Maji☆bu is a platform that supports youth activities. For example, Snow Magic 19 offers 19-year-old youths free ski lift tickets as a way of inviting young people to rural areas. With the Maji☆bu app, various inspiring experiences are provided for free with age restrictions, including skiing and snowboarding, J. League (professional football league), golf, hot springs, and so forth. While providing opportunities for young people to gain valuable experiences, the Maji☆bu platform helps revitalize regional economies for the future.



Peoplebank launched a scholarship program to provide financial support for the first year of study to women aiming to attend RMIT University in Melbourne Australia.

USG People(100 Opportunities 100 Jobs)

This program was created to help young people from 18 to 30 years of age find a long-term sustainable job. The program offers career advice and recruitment interview simulations, as well as connecting them with a network of companies.

Townwork Try! Work

Most junior high school students in Japan take part in "work experience" activities as part of their career education. To provide support so these students can look forward to "work as something exciting" and obtain a deeper appreciation of what work actually involves, since 2007 we have conducted Townwork Try! Work, our career education support program. We provide a free online program for teachers to use in their classes before and after their workplace experience activity, which is conducted as part of their general study course. Students use Recruit Jobs' job-posting media TOWNWORK as a text to learn about how to interview working people before their workplace experience and prepare reports focusing on their feelings toward work after their workplace experience, and then compile student-edited versions of Recruit's TOWNWORK magazine, copies of which are distributed to the local community. The total number of junior high school students who experienced the program since its launch is about 13000 (as of March 2017).


To help revitalize local communities and support young artists, we operate two art galleries in Ginza, Tokyo.

Creation Gallery G8

Creation Gallery G8 opened in 1985 in a building located at 7-chome, Ginza, which was known as G7 Gallery, as a measure to contribute to the Ginza area. In 1989, the gallery was relocated to the present building on the 1st floor at 8-chome, Ginza and renamed Creation Gallery G8 after our graphic design magazine "CREATION" edited by Yusaku Kamekura, a graphic designer, where exhibitions are held under the theme of "Design and Communication" focusing primarily on graphic design.

Creation Gallery G8

Guardian Garden

Guardian Garden opened in 1990, aiming at providing young artists with an "opportunity" and "place" to express their artistic vision. The main activity at Guardian Garden is the publicly-invited "1_WALL" exhibition, where artists compete for the right to hold solo exhibitions. Artworks are recruited twice a year in the two fields of graphics and photography. 6 finalists are chosen to take part in the "1_WALL" exhibition. During the exhibition, the final examination is held in public and the grand prize is determined. Now this has become a forum for young people who will lead the next generation, giving them the opportunity to step-up or to start walking steadily toward becoming professional artists.

Guardian Garden

Charity exhibitions planned to promote Japanese manufacturing culture and industry with the power of design

The charity exhibitions which are held at the two galleries every year stated in 1990. Creators having relationships with the two galleries offer their works with the theme of familiar items which are designed for the exhibition on a volunteer basis and the proceeds from which are used as a charity fund.

From 2011 to 2015, the fund was spent on contribution to support child victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake, as well as used for monetary donation to the Kumamoto Earthquake in 2016. This program has been continued after 2017 as a project to promote Japanese manufacturing culture/industry with the power of design, the proceeds from which will be used for children, who are the nation's future.

Charity Exhibitions (Creation Project)

Matching gifts

Support for employees' social contribution activities

Recruit has established a matching gift program in order to support social contribution activities carried out voluntarily by members of our Board of Directors and our employees. In this system, whenever an executive or employee makes a donation, the Recruit Group donates the same amount to the recipient organization. In fiscal 2014 we matched 57 donations for a total of ¥1.75 million.

Sharing our knowledge with society

Public release of Recruit survey results

Companies in the Recruit Group establish dedicated survey and research organizations matched to the characteristics of their business. These organizations conduct a wide range of surveys, from fields related to life stages, such as employment, marriage, and housing, to fields associated with living costs, including travel, eating and drinking, and beauty care. We release the results of these surveys for the benefit of society.

Major survey and research organizations