Employment Support

Recruit Group implements a variety of employment support programs.

WORKFIT / Honki no Shushoku

We have engaged in implementing free employment support programs for young people utilizing our knowledge of the HR business since 2011. These include the "4-Day Group Work" focusing on practical skills for working in groups, the "1-Day Seminar", a 1-Day intensive course concentrating on self-promotion and interviewing skills,and the "Workshop" program to learn skills for job search in a short time.

Following the 2008 financial crisis, faced with the employment problem facing young people in Japan, this program was launched for young people, including university students, who had difficulty finding employment opportunities.

Since FY2016, the program has also been provided for students from Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian countries. In FY2017, the program has developed to include mothers who left work for childbirth and child rearing (WORKFIT for MOM) as well as young people from juvenile correctional facilities and high school graduates. The areas where the program is offered are Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong and India.

The common feature of these programs is that participants can "grasp their competitive abilities, boost their self-confidence and match themselves with human resource needs at companies." Over 30 thousand people have participated in the programs since they started in 2011. We will continue to help young people find work by nurturing their self-confidence in their abilities around the region.

State of WORKFIT:01

In addition, in order to help children living in orphanages to cultivate their perspective on work (WORKFIT for KIDS). Working with an NPO, employees visit the facilities to give on-site "career lessons" where children share the knowledge of many and diverse types of work available in society as well as sense of values.

WORK FIT(Japanese)

WORKFIT program in Thailand "Recruit WORKFIT Program was held at RGF Thailand!"

We held the first WORKFIT program in Thailand in Oct. 2016.

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State of WORKFIT:03
State of WORKFIT:04

WORKFIT program held at RGF Thailand!

WORKFIT program in Vietnam "Recruit WORKFIT Program was held in Vietnam!"

We held the first WORKFIT program in Vietnam in Oct. 2015.

WORKFIT program(Japanese "Honki no Shushoku" ) held in Vietnam!

Employment Support at the Group Companies

Our companies engaging in employment areas provide support for employment.

Shushoku Shop

Shushoku Shop is a job placement service that helps "young job seekers find job openings for full-time positions that do not require prior experience." The service 1) does not have to submit resumes in advance, 2) conducts interviews of all job seekers to ascertain their character, 3) gathers information on companies that believe in the potential of young people through direct interviews with each company and 4) supports job seekers' general job search activities through model interviews and so forth, while nurturing their readiness to work, thereby encouraging them to gain confidence and take the first step to discover their potential in business field.

Recruit Career:01
Recruit Career:02

Advantage Resourcing

Volunteer activities at shelters for homeless people in Chicago are conducted. Workshops have been held to help people write resumes, prepare for interviews, and search job sites. Such information is also provided on the websites.

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Advantage Resourcing:01

Chandler Macleod

Recruit Group supports disadvantaged groups with employment.

Our group company, Chandler Macleod focuses on unleashing the potential of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to assist and improve their opportunities for employment.

As a signatory to the Australian Employment Covenant, Chandler Macleod is committed to delivering jobs for First Australians; thereby contributing to the Australian Government's 'Closing the Gap' strategy to improve their lives.

To further support these initiatives, in 2018 Chandler Macleod Group proudly launched their Reconciliation Action Plan. Our Vision for Reconciliation is to improve the socio-economic circumstances of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through education, employment and training.

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