Supporting Young People

Recruit Group provides support services that help young people follow their hearts in society.

Ezoe Memorial Recruit Foundation

Ezoe Memorial Recruit Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation, was established in 1971, on the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Company, as an initiative for "contributing to society" by supporting "people who demonstrate leadership, who are highly motivated with curiosity, and who show strong potential for the future."

Since then, the Foundation has conducted activities including provision of scholarships for 703 people in total. Recently, the activities have focused on supporting young people globally active in the fields of music, arts, and sports. In fiscal year 2019, the Foundation sponsored 13 scholarship students in the field of music, 12 in the field of sports, 5 in the field of art, and 33 in the field of academia.

Along with the upcoming global age, the Foundation will help young people develop their talent further and spread their wings around the world

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Ezoe Memorial Recruit Foundation

Supporting Young People at Group Companies

Recruit Lifestyle (Maji☆bu)


Maji☆bu is a platform that supports youth activities. For example, Snow Magic 19 offers 19-year-old youths free ski lift tickets as a way of inviting young people to rural areas. With the Maji☆bu app, various inspiring experiences are provided for free with age restrictions, including skiing and snowboarding, J. League (professional football league), golf, hot springs, and so forth. While providing opportunities for young people to gain valuable experiences, the Maji☆bu platform helps revitalize regional economies for the future.



Peoplebank launched a scholarship program to provide financial support for the first year of study to women aiming to attend RMIT University in Melbourne Australia.

USG People(100 Opportunities 100 Jobs)

This program was created to help young people from 18 to 30 years of age find a long-term sustainable job. The program offers career advice and recruitment interview simulations, as well as connecting them with a network of companies.