Raising employee awareness

Reducing environmental impacts from offices

Recruit Group began vigorously implementing ecological activities in company offices in fiscal 2009, with a focus on offices in Japan. Today we continue educational activities for the entire Recruit Group with the Group General Affairs Department taking a leading role. Examples include educational posters on elevator hall displays and restroom walls to show specific efforts being made in the Group. These posters use many illustrations for easy understanding. We also put notices asking employees to save energy and avoid wasteful use of paper in our in-house magazine, Suka 2. This magazine is used for employee education, such as on professional behavior, and to introduce company events.

At our main offices in Gran Tokyo South Tower, lights automatically go off 4 times a day to save energy. During the daytime, floors that receive good sunlight use this natural light for office lighting during hours when it is bright outside. We also conduct energy- and resource-saving activities across our locations nationwide, focusing on everything from conference rooms to copy machines.

Eco- and resource-friendly office design

The Recruit Group makes frequent organizational changes and personnel moves in response to changes in the external environment. These department and personnel transfers, movements, and layout changes require considerable electricity and other energy in addition to labor and money. To save in all these areas, we arrange sets of common furniture and fixtures in fixed arrangements, using these layouts so that it is only the people who need to move during organizational and personnel moves. This kind of office setup is in place at locations nationwide to reduce environmental impacts and increase office responsiveness to external change. At the same time, we actively promote green purchasing when purchasing office supplies, giving priority to products with the smallest environmental impact.

We also actively conduct activities to save resources in our regular office activities, including paperless meetings and reductions in office paper use within the company.

A paperless meeting.
Signs encouraging resource-saving practices.
A poster urging reduction in office paper use (Kansai office).

Raising awareness with compliance tests

An annual compliance test given to employees includes items related to the environment to check the knowledge and awareness of each person.


Certification test for environmental specialists

To promote knowledge acquisition regarding the environment and raise awareness among employees, we encourage them to take the Certification Test for Environmental Specialists sponsored by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We have also established a system to give congratulatory money gifts to employees who pass the test.