Sustainability management

Sustainability: The Orbit

Recruit Group's Value Creation Process is underpinned by a wide range of sustain-ability-related initiatives that we call the "Sustainability Orbit." Having identified the demands and expectations from society in general through dialogue with our stakeholders, we discussed them at length in the Sustainability Committee with external experts and internal management. Then, having obtained a commitment from management at the Board of Directors of Recruit Holdings, we promoted specific sustainability activities aligned with the guiding principles.

Sustainability: The Orbit

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SDG Domino Effects at Recruit Group

SDG Domino Effects at Recruit Group

Contributing to the attainment of SDGs, beginning with "10. Reduced inequalities"

From among the SDGs, Recruit Group has identified six goals that it should address in particular. We believe these six goals are not supposed to be tackled independently, because all of the SDGs are intertwined and affect one another. Efforts on achieving these goals should be coordinated, and the SDGs that align with our strengths in particular are the ones that we are likely to see results from as our efforts gain momentum.

We have facilitated the optimal matching of users and clients based on our Ribbon Model with the aim of creating a world where each and every person is able to find what really matters to them. The Ribbon Model eliminates asymmetries in information and broadens choices, making it relevant to realizing SDG "10. Reduced inequalities."
Through a wide range of business development centered on the staffing field, we are focusing efforts on SDG "10. Reduced inequalities" by helping people find satisfying work while striving towards gender equality. Once everyone has access to a quality education, they will be able to find work, eliminating poverty. Through this domino effect of chain reactions, we are working toward these goals with the intention of having a meaningful impact on society.

Sustainability Management structure


Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. has set up a Sustainability Promotion Department. Group companies are carrying out sustainability activities based on the "Recruit Group Sustainability Policy"

International conference / Stakeholder dialogue

We participate in major international conferences related to sustainability domain and hold stakeholder dialogues in order to gain early insights into the expectations held by our stakeholders, who are spread out more globally than ever.

Stakeholder dialogue

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is set up as one of the advisory bodies to the Board of Directors to promote unique sustainability activities that meet the expectations of our stakeholders. Committee meetings are held semi-annually, in principle.

Sustainability Committee

For human rights, which is our core theme, the following two organizations in Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. are playing a central role in promoting the activities, coordinating activities between the relevant departments at the group companies. *Please see here for details on the human rights management structure.

Human Rights Awareness Department, Internal Control Promotion Office

Collects information on the theme of human rights related to business and the workplace, responds to requests for consultation and inquiries from group companies, and also carries out educational activities to raise awareness, such as internal training conducted together with the group companies on various human rights themes.

Sustainability Promotion Department

Collects information on global human rights themes , and studies possible future activities by Recruit Group.

Our stakeholders

The business activities of Recruit Group involve relationships with various stakeholders. We hope to contribute to society while engaging in ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders.

Recruit Group stakeholders include users, clients, shareholders, employees, business partners, nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations, national and local governments, and local communities.

RECRUIT, National and local governments, Local communities, NPOS and NGOS, Users, Clients, Shareholders, Business partners, Employees

We also provide forums for dialogue with the stakeholders. In addition to inviting external experts to take part in the Sustainability Committee to ask their opinions and expectations on Recruit Group's global sustainability policy and our business, we also hold stakeholder dialogues in which participants from diverse positions including NPOs and NGOs take part.