Sustainability management

Sustainability Management structure

Group companies individually carry out CSR activities in accordance with the Recruit Group CSR Policy. To stay on top of current trends, including stakeholder expectations and changes in the business environment, and to conduct distinctive CSR activities, each company appoints an officer in charge of CSR actions and employees to carry out those actions.

Recruit Holdings has set up a Sustainability team within its Sustainability Promotion Office to oversee CSR activities across the entire Group and promote CSR in cooperation with the officers and employees in charge of CSR actions at Group companies. We also hold semi-annual Group CSR promotion meetings in which these officers and employees come together and share updates on their activities and how they are promoting CSR.

Our stakeholders

The business activities of the Recruit Group involve relationships with various stakeholders. We hope to contribute to society while engaging in ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders.

Recruit Group stakeholders include users, clients, shareholders, employees, business partners, nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations, national and local governments, and local communities.

We also provide forums for dialogue with these stakeholders. In addition to inviting external experts to take part in the CSR Committee, we hold individual interviews to field opinions on and expectations for the Recruit Group CSR Policy and our business. We also provide other opportunities for stakeholder engagement, such as group dialogues in which people of diverse positions take part with the cooperation of non-profit intermediary support organizations.

Sustainability committee

The Sustainability Committee is positioned as one of the advisory bodies to the Board of Directors. It is a forum where the Recruit Group's leadership and management can obtain advice from external experts regarding the "progress of current projects" and "content, goals, and plans for medium- to long-term activities" based on important themes.

At the meetings, we receive advice from external experts and hold discussions, gaining numerous insights and learning lessons that will help us continue to be a company needed by society. Going forward, we will incorporate the views expressed to us at these meetings into our activities.

Stakeholder dialogue

The Recruit Group holds stakeholder dialogues with external experts. The purpose of these dialogues is to gain insight into additional perspectives and new ways of thinking vital to the company, thereby expanding our horizons and allowing our activities to evolve further.

CSR training for employees

We conduct regular CSR training sessions for recruits, both recent graduates and mid-career, and newly appointed managers. Using videos and texts, we define CSR at the Recruit Group, and share information about initiatives currently underway and the reasons we proactively engage in the CSR guiding principle of "contributing to society through our business." We urge all employees to conduct their day-to-day work from a social perspective while maintaining an awareness of their responsibilities and the expectations placed upon them.

Comments from CSR training participants (excerpts)

  • I was able to look at CSR in earnest, and I'd like to put what I learned to use when I think of business ideas.
  • It gave me a foundation for keeping social issues in mind in my day-to-day work.
  • I felt that what we should do regarding CSR as a member of society has greatly changed from a few years ago.
  • Although efforts are under way on a companywide basis, I think there's still a long way to go for CSR to become ingrained in the minds of employees.

Furthermore, we promote proper understanding of the Recruit Group CSR Policy and enhancements to the business environment by including questions related to CSR in the compliance test.