Media & Solutions Services

This unit integrates the Marketing Media business and HR business, except HR Technology.

  • Suumo


    • Housing


    An information service for those considering buying, renting, or remodeling a home, building a custom home, or selling real estate

    This is a real estate and housing website that meet the wide range of needs for those who​‌'d like to lease, purchase, build, remodel and sell houses. You can search properties, company information and actual examples from various angles. The website is also full of useful information such as various know-how about necessary preparations, actual examples and articles about market trends.

  • Zexy


    • Bridal


    A site providing bridal-related information on everything from wedding venues to wedding dresses, jewelry and accessories, and wedding favors

    Zexy is a bridal magazine filled with a wide range of information on wedding venues such as hotels, halls, chapels, and restaurants, as well as a variety of bridal information on jewelry, dresses, wedding favors, and post-reception venues. Brochures on products and services are also available upon request. The magazine provides basic information on weddings as well as suggestions on wedding preparations, wedding styles, and more, making it a must-have for couples planning their wedding.

  • Study Sapuri Shinro

    Study Sapuri Shinro

    • Education


    Free magazines and website offering educational information to guide high school students and their families in selecting their educational path over their high school years

    This free magazine helps high school students choose their future educational path at each decision-making stage of their high school years by providing the latest relevant information, including information on a wide variety of jobs and work styles and the differences between studying at a university, junior college, and vocational school as well as the career directions of their respective graduates. The magazine also features guidelines for entrance exams and descriptions and schedules of open campus events that allow prospective students to visit and tour schools.

  • Car Sensor

    Car Sensor

    • Automobiles


    A wide variety of information for purchasing or replacing a vehicle, mainly featuring previously owned cars

    This is one of Japan's largest used car websites, helping people find the right car based on a wide range of options such as car make and model, price, and body type. The site offers comprehensive support to give people peace of mind before, during, and after purchase. The site also features various purchasing guides, a wide variety of car-related news and topics, and services to purchase car-related parts and accessories.

  • Jalan


    • Travel


    A service offering travel information and accommodation booking for travel around Japan

    As one of the largest accommodation booking sites in Japan, allows users to book their favorite hotel, accommodations, or original plan for travel across Japan. The site offers information on the latest recommendations, an accommodation ranking based on reviews from other travelers, a Jalan Pack function that lets users create and book their own accommodation and transportation package (from a choice of flight, Shinkansen bullet train, or express train options), the ability to book activities and things to do, a travel guide forum for posting comments on tourist attractions, and more. Users who complete the free membership registration process will earn 2% in Ponta points for every transaction and will be entitled to special members-only deals that are lower than the rates offered to the general public.

  • Hot Pepper Gourmet

    Hot Pepper Gourmet

    • Dining


    An online booking site that allows users to search and book restaurants, read up on restaurant information, and find restaurant coupons

    Hot Pepper Gourmet is one of Japan's largest comprehensive restaurant information sites. Users can search by preferences like preferred date, and narrow the search down to show only specific restaurants like drinking establishments for parties, restaurants for lunch use, all-you-can-eat restaurants, or popular restaurants. Filled with restaurant coupons, the site makes booking a restaurant even more rewarding by offering reward points for reservations made online in addition to the discount received for using the coupons.

  • Hot Pepper Beauty

    Hot Pepper Beauty

    • Beauty


    One of the largest domestic search and booking sites for hair, relaxation, and beauty salons

    This is one of Japan​‌'s largest sites for finding and booking hair salons, relaxation salons, and beauty salons. Hot Pepper Beauty allows multi-faceted searches based on the desired appointment time and date, various hairstyle collections, word-of-mouth recommendations, coupons for great deals, and more. Users who book appointments online can earn Recruit points equivalent to 2% of every transaction under the Recruit point program. The information available covers a wide range of categories including hair, nails, eyelash extensions, chiropractic and relaxation salons, and esthetic beauty salons.

  • Air BusinessTools

    Air BusinessTools

    • Business


    Air BusinessTools provides a comprehensive bundled suite of cloud-based solutions, including cashless payments, POS system, reservation and reception management, and shift management. SMEs can reduce the time and cost of labor intensive operations by implementing solutions such as AirREGI and AirPAY.
    With a single AirID, SMEs can connect multiple solutions of Air BusinessTools easily, and improve their operational efficiency and productivity dramatically.We aim to solve various challenges SMEs face every day in their business operations and support them to create the dream stores they had envisioned, by providing Air BusinessTools.

    Introduction of Air BusinessTools

  • Rikunabi


    • Human Resources


    A job information site for soon-to-be graduates and graduates

    This is a job information site for all graduates and students of graduate schools, universities, junior colleges, vocational schools, and polytechnics. Users can perform pre-entry procedures for listed companies, make reservations for briefing sessions and interviews, communicate with companies, manage schedules, and more. The site delivers the company information that best matches each user's aims as it navigates a path through job search activities.

  • Rikunabi Next

    Rikunabi Next

    • Human Resources


    A job portal site for people looking to change jobs

    This job portal site is for working people who seek to change jobs. Users can search through nationwide job listings, specifying search criteria including location, type of job, skills, and qualifications. The site further offers how-to information for changing jobs, articles on the experiences of persons seeking to change jobs, and other tips to make a successful change. For users who perform anonymous registration of resumes, criteria for change of job, and other information, the site also features a scouting service that sends direct offers from potential employers of interest or from recruitment agents.

  • Recruit Agent

    Recruit Agent

    • Human Resources


    An employment agency staffed with career advisors provides support for people wishing to change jobs

    One of Japan's largest employment agencies for mid-career job seekers, Recruit Agent connects companies that are looking for candidates with people who are thinking about changing jobs.

  • From A Navi<

    From A Navi

    • Human Resources


    A website filled with information on part-time job openings for students and adults

    Filled with part-time job listings for students and other people looking for work, this job search site allows users to search for jobs based on specific search criteria such as industry, job category, work location, salary, benefits, and working conditions. The site allows users to access information and apply for jobs around the clock, providing job information for a wide range of work opportunities from major companies to small shops and covering a broad variety of industries and jobs.

  • Townwork


    • Human Resources


    A free magazine that provides information on job openings in local communities for readers who wish to work close to where they live. Information is also available on PC, mobile, and smartphone platforms.

    This free job search magazine is designed for job seekers who are looking for a job in a specific location based on their preferences such as "near home," "near school," or "in the town that I love." Filled with a wide variety of job information regardless of the type of employment, Townwork features a page layout design that makes it easy for readers to search for the jobs they want, with color pages that allow readers to quickly and easily understand the atmosphere and type of people working at the respective workplaces.