Risk management

Our approach to risk management

The Recruit Group has established a basic policy for risk management and basic issues related to systems for its promotion. We have also instituted the Recruit Group Risk Management Regulations so that we can carry out sound management of and responses to various risks associated with our businesses.

Systems and mechanisms

The Internal Control Department of each company carries out risk management for that organization.

Specifically, each Group company establishes priority risk themes that must be addressed in order of importance to advance risk reduction measures. The Internal Control Department of each company also takes the central role in responding properly when an incident or accident occurs.

For the Group overall, the Internal Control Officeof Recruit Holdings works in conjunction with the Internal Control Department of each Group company and the other specialized departments in Recruit Holdings to carry out risk management for the entire Group.

Specifically, key risk themes are set for the Group with consideration of the priority risk themes of each Group company to advance risk reduction measures. Support is also provided by specialized departments at Recruit Holdings and outside experts as needed when incidents or accidents occur at Group companies. In the event of cases that may have a significant impact on the Group, a Group crisis strategy headquarters is set up to respond under the direction of Recruit Holdings.

Corporate Governance

Risk management committee

The Risk Management Committee is an advisory body to the Recruit Holdings Board of Directors that discusses the risks surrounding the Recruit Group, proposes key risk themes and risk owners for the Group to the Board of Directors, and monitors strategies.

The Risk Management Committee is headed by the Recruit Holdings board member in charge of the Risk Oversight Office, and includes the Executive Officer in charge of the Risk Oversight Office, the Director of the Business Management Office, Director of the Corporate Planning Office, Director of the Legal Office, Director of the Risk Oversight Office, and others as members.

Response to occurring risks

Escalation rules

With the aim of quickly reporting serious cases and sharing information, we have established the Recruit Group Escalation Rules. When events that will seriously affect the execution of our business occur, are discovered, or are recognized as potentially occurring, they will trigger report and response mechanisms. These mechanisms are developed by the people in charge of internal control in each company and shared with all company employees.

Group crisis control strategy headquarters

Serious cases that could affect multiple companies or have a huge impact on business operations cannot be addressed by one company alone. In such cases, a Group Crisis Control Strategy Headquarters is set up under the leadership of the President of Recruit Holdings to consider measures and issue commands.